Vietnam: To allow foreigners to use vaccine passports

On August 6, 2021, the Consular Department of Vietnam issued Official Dispatch 2974/LS- PL elaborating the inspection and recognition of Certificate of Immunization and Certificate of Covid-19 from abroad.

Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam is coordinating with relevant agencies to develop criteria and recognition mechanisms to permit the direct use of vaccination certificates and vaccine passports from foreign countries in Vietnam for competent authorities to consider and decide.

However, in order to create favorable conditions, the Consular Department proposes that the overseas Vietnamese representative missions do the following:

- The forms of Certificate of Immunization and Certificate of Recovery from Covid-19 has not been officially introduced to the representative agency. The representative agency shall carry out procedures for consular legalization or certification for the use of this document in Vietnam.

- The forms of the Certificate of Immunization, COVID-19, has been officially introduced through diplomatic channels. The representative agency notifies the vaccinated person to bring this document directly back to the country. Vietnamese agencies will review and compare it with the officially introduced template.


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