Summary of latest rights of primary and secondary students in Vietnam

Summary of latest rights of primary and secondary students in Vietnam
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What are the latest rights of primary and secondary students under the law in Vietnam? - Duy Phuc (Da Nang, Vietnam)

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Summary of latest rights of primary and secondary students in Vietnam (Internet image)

Regarding this issue, LawNet would like to answer as follows:

1. Rights of primary school students in Vietnam

According to Article 35 of the Charter of Primary Schools issued together with Circular 32/2020/TT-BGDDT, primary students in Vietnam have the following rights:

- To receive education.

+ Receiving education and learning to develop holistically and maximize their potential; studying in a school or class that implements the primary education program and is convenient for traveling in the area of residence.

+ Choosing a school or transferring to another school outside of their immediate area, if that school accepts them.

+ For students of primary school age retur ning home from abroad, children of foreigners studying and working in Vietnam, and children who have not been able to attend school because of difficult circumstances, if they wish to transfer to a primary school, the principal shall conduct a qualification survey to be placed in an appropriate class.

+ Students with disabilities receive an inclusive education in a primary school; learning and training conditions are guaranteed; and lessons are taught and assessed in accordance with the student's individual education plan.

+ Students can learn to shorten the program implementation time, study at an older age than the prescribed age, study for a longer time, and stay in school.

+ Students with good physical strength and early intellectual development may be able to surpass the grade within the school level. The review procedure for each specific case is carried out according to the following steps:

++ The student's parent or guardian has applied to the school.

++ The school principal shall form a survey and advisory council composed of the following members: the principal or vice-principal and the school's representative board of parents; the teacher of the class in which the students are enrolled, the teacher of the upper class, medical personnel, and the general in charge of the Team.

++ Based on the survey results of the advisory council, the principal completes the dossier and reports it to the head of the Education and Training Department for consideration and decision.

+ For students with limited academic results who have been directly guided by teachers, parents, or guardians but have not yet completed, the teacher reports to the principal for consideration of the decision to promote or stay in class, and together with the family to decide on appropriate educational measures.

- To be protected, cared for, respected, and treated equally and democratically; be guaranteed legitimate rights and interests; be provided with sufficient information about their own learning and training processes; be guaranteed conditions of time, facilities, hygiene, and safety to study and practice.

- To participate in activities promoting the individual's ability; express opinions and aspirations of individuals.

- To receive scholarships and enjoy social policies as prescribed.

- To enjoy other rights as prescribed by law.

2. Rights of secondary school students in Vietnam

The rights of secondary school students in Vietnam are specified in Article 35 of the Charter issued together with Circular 32/2020/TT-BGDDT:

- To be equal in enjoying comprehensive education; be guaranteed conditions on time, facilities, hygiene and safety for studying in class and studying at home; to be provided with information about their studies and training, to use equipment and means for school's academic, cultural and sports activities as prescribed.

- To be respected and protected, to be treated equally and democratically, to have the right to complain to school and educational management levels about decisions made against them; to have the right to transfer schools when there are legitimate reasons according to current regulations; and to study before, beyond, and at an older age specified in Article 33 of the Charter promulgated together with Circular 32/2020/TT-BGDDT.

- To participate in activities to develop talents in subjects, sports, and the arts organized by the school if eligible.

- To receive scholarships or other grants as prescribed for students eligible for social policies, students from difficult backgrounds, and students with special abilities.

- To transfer schools if all conditions are met; transfer procedures must adhere to the Minister of Education and Training's regulations.

- To have access to other legal rights. 


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