Solutions to prevent and control Covid-19 in areas with "very high risk" in Vietnam

On May 31, 2021, the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control issued Decision 2686/QD-BCDQG> on the promulgation of the Regulation on risk assessment and corresponding administrative measures in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Measures to prevent and control COVID-19 in areas with "very high risk" (Illustration image)

According to the Decision, for areas in Vietnam with "Very High Risk", in addition to the measures for the "High Risk" level, the following solutions must be implemented:

- To assess the risk and apply medical isolation (blockade) measures in areas with the COVID-19 epidemic according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam in Decision 3986/QD-BYT dated September 16, 2020 for areas The epidemic is complicated, the epidemiological factors are difficult to control, and the epidemic is at risk of spreading.

- To apply centralized medical isolation (blockade area) right in the area where there are many close contacts of workers who must be isolated in concentrated isolation (F1) to stay (dormitory according to the concentration of workers); at the same time, they must strictly comply with the same regulations as for concentrated medical isolation areas. Strictly handle cases of non-compliance with regulations in Vietnam.

- To apply social distancing activities within 14 days in the whole area, specifically:

  • To suspend production and business activities, except for essential production and business activities;
  • Essential production, business, and service establishments are allowed to operate, including: factories, production facilities; traffic and construction works; establishments providing services and essential goods (such as food, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, gasoline, oil; electricity; water; fuel,...); educational institutions, banks, treasuries, service providers directly related to banking activities and supporting businesses (such as notaries, lawyers, registry, registration of secured transactions. ..), securities, postal, telecommunications, support services for transportation, import and export of goods, medical examination, treatment, and funeral...
  • To reorganize production in industrial parks to ensure epidemic prevention and control, not to disrupt the supply chain of goods, especially for factories and large global enterprises.
  • People are allowed to work, produce at home, and harvest agricultural products in groups of each household in the local garden and production area.

Production, business, service activities, and production workers must strictly comply with measures to ensure safety against epidemics as prescribed. Stop operating factories, enterprises, production, and harvesting activities when it is not safe.

  • To suspend festivals, cultural, sports, entertainment, and religious and other religious activities. Funerals must not exceed 30 people, weddings must not exceed 20 people and must be strictly supervised by the health authorities at the venue.
  • To not gather with 3 or more people outside the office, school, or hospital; keep a minimum distance of 2m.
  • Stop public passenger transport. Official vehicles, shuttles for workers, experts, and quarantined people are allowed to operate, but only at places permitted by the government.

An area has "Very High Risk" when one of the following epidemiological factors is present:

Commune level District level Provincial level
There is a cluster of F0 with an unknown source of infection. There are 30% or more communes at very high risk, scattered throughout the district, or 50% of communes at high risk. More than 30% of districts are at very high risk and are scattered throughout the province, and 50% of districts or more are at high risk.
Or with F0, the source of infection can be identified as industrial parks, schools, large supermarkets, and areas with difficult-to-control and difficult-to-trace infection sources. Or there is a source of infection that is difficult to control and has the risk of spreading rapidly in over 50% of communes. Or there is a large outbreak that is difficult to control and has the risk of spreading quickly over 50% of districts and spreading to other provinces.

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