Latest railway rules in Vietnam

Latest railway rules in Vietnam
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What are the latest railway rules in Vietnam? - Huu Minh (Can Tho)

Latest railway rules in Vietnam

Latest railway rules in Vietnam (Internet image) 

Regarding this issue, LawNet would like to answer as follows:

1. Latest railway rules in Vietnam

Railway rules in Vietnam according to Article 38 of the Law on Railway transport 2017 are as follows:

- Railway rules include regulations on train operation dispatching command, train assembly, train operation, train dodging, train overtaking, train stopping and train reversing.

- Regulations on train operation dispatching command:

+ The operation of train in each section shall be only commanded by a train dispatcher. Train operation order must be carried out under the command of the train dispatcher. Train dispatcher, traffic controller, train captain and driver must strictly obey the commands of the train dispatcher;

+ Within the railway station area, train dispatcher or traffic controller is the person who issues the train operation commands. Train captain and driver must obey the orders of the person issuing train operation commands or obey the signals;

+ On a train, the train captain is the commander in chief ensuring train operation safety;

+ On the train without train captain, single locomotive and train running on urban railway, driver is the commander in chief ensuring train operation safety.

- Regulations on train assembly:

+ The train assembly must satisfy standards and regulations on railway;

+ Each coach must satisfy technical standards and regulations on safety so that it can be coupled.

- Regulations on train shunting:

+ Train shunting is the movement of locomotives and coaches from one location to another within the railway station and block area. Train shunting must be carried out according to the plan of the traffic controller;

+ During train shunting, the driver must obey the command of the shunting commander.

- Regulations on train operation:

+ During train operation, the driver must obey the following regulations:

++ Run the train from and through the station, stop train or dodge another train at the station under the orders from the traffic controller. The train may only enter the block with an evident permission.

++ The train may only enter and pass through the station via color light signals, semaphore signals and signals from the urban traffic controller.

++ Operate the train at the speed prescribed in Article 42 of the Law on Railway transport 2017.

++  During train operation, the driver and co-driver on duty must not leave the working position;

+ The passenger train shall only run when all doors of passenger coach have been closed. Doors of passenger coach shall only be opened when the train completely stops at the railway station.

- Regulations on train dodging and overtaking:

+ Train dodging and overtaking must be carried out at a railway station;

+ The driver shall carry out train dodging and overtaking on national and specialized railways under the orders from the traffic control; and on urban railways under the orders from the urban train dispatcher.

- Regulations on train stopping and reversing:

The driver must stop the train when the stop signal is given; in case a threat to train operation is found or emergency stop signal is given, the driver is allowed to immediately stop or reverse the train. In case train is immediately stopped or reversed, the train captain or driver shall inform the train station as prescribed.

2. Railway signals in Vietnam

The railway signals according to Article 37 of the Law on Railway transport 2017 are as follows:

- A railway signaling system includes orders of the person involved in train operation, onboard signals and ground signals, signs, detonators and torches. Signals indicate orders and conditions for train operation, shunting and stopping.

- The railway signaling system must be adequate, accurate and clear, ensure safety and improve train performance.

- Railway workers and road users must observe railway signals.


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