Financial revenues and expenditures of the State Bank of Vietnam

Financial revenues and expenditures of the State Bank of Vietnam
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What are the financial revenues and expenditures of the State Bank of Vietnam? - Thu Cuc (Binh Dinh, Vietnam)

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Financial revenues and expenditures of the State Bank of Vietnam (Internet image)

Regarding this issue, LawNet would like to answer as follows:

1. Financial revenues and expenditures of the State Bank of Vietnam

1.1. Financial revenues of the State Bank of Vietnam

According to Article 13 of Decree 07/2006/ND-CP, the State Bank of Vietnam has the following revenues:

- Income from deposit, credit extension, and investment activities, including: collection of loan interest, deposit interest, securities investment, and other credit activities.

- Earnings from open market operations.

- Earnings from buying, selling, and trading foreign exchange (foreign currency and gold).

- Collection of payments, information, and treasury services.

- Collect fees and charges as prescribed by law.

- Other revenues.

1.2. Financial expenditures of the State Bank in Vietnam

Specifically, Article 14 of Decree 07/2006/ND-CP regulates the financial expenditures of the State Bank as follows:

- Expenses for professional activities and banking services:

+ Paying interest on deposits and paying interest on loans; expenses on buying, selling, and trading foreign exchange; spending on open market operations;

+ Expenses for printing, minting, preserving, transporting, forwarding, issuing, withdrawing, replacing, and destroying money; payment and information services.

- Expenses for cadres, civil servants, and contract employees of the State Bank and expenditures on rewards and welfare, including:

+ Paying salaries and allowances according to the regime; spending supplementary income for cadres, civil servants, and employees of the State Bank under the contract mechanism; lunch expenses; transaction fee; spending on labor protection equipment;

+ Periodical and irregular reward and welfare expenditures for officials, civil servants, and employees of the State Bank; the annual expenditure of these two items is equal to the total salary fund implemented in the year;

+ Expenses and rewards for collectives and individuals of industries that have made outstanding contributions to the Bank's operations; the maximum expenditure is equal to 1 month's salary made in the year.

- Contributions according to salary (union funding, social insurance, health insurance, and other contributions according to the prescribed regime), expenditures for collective activities.

- Difficulty allowances and severance allowances as prescribed by law.

- Expenses for management and public service activities, including: expenses for office supplies; postage and communication charges; expenses for electricity, water, health care, and sanitation; spending on petrol; working-trip expenses; expenses for receptions, celebrations, and conferences; expenses for inspection and audit of the State Bank's operations; expenditures on training, professional training, scientific and technological research, initiatives, and improvements; expenditures on documents, books, magazines, libraries, propaganda, advertising, activities, and other public administration.

- Spending on property:

+ Depreciation of fixed assets;

+ Expenses for maintenance and repair of assets; procurement of labor and tools; property rental.

- Deduct 12% of the average value of fixed assets in the year to invest in developing professional techniques and banking technology.

- Expenditures from funding sources allocated by the state budget according to the prescribed regime.

- Expenses for setting up risk provisions according to Article 11 of Decree 07/2006/ND-CP.

- Other expenses as prescribed by law.

2. Position and functions of the State Bank of Vietnam

The State Bank of Vietnam has the following positions and functions:

- The State Bank of Vietnam (below referred to as the State Bank) is a ministerial-level agency of the Government and the central bank of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

- The State Bank is a legal entity with its legal capital being under the state ownership and its head office located in Hanoi.

- The State Bank performs the state management of monetary, banking and foreign exchange (below referred to as monetary and banking) operations and performs the function of a central bank in issuing money, a bank of credit institutions and a provider of monetary services for the Government.

(Article 2 of the Law on State Bank of Vietnam 2010)


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