Cases of Vietnamese citizens denied passports

Cases of Vietnamese citizens denied passports
Nguyễn Thị Diễm My

When Vietnamese citizens meet the conditions, they will be granted a passport, however, if they fall into the following cases, Vietnamese citizens will be refused a passport.

Cases of refusal to issue passports

Specifically, when Vietnamese citizens fall into one of the following cases, they will be refused passports (temporarily not issued passports):

- Persons who have not yet complied with decisions on sanctioning administrative violations for one of the following violations:

Deliberately providing false information to obtain, renew, restore or report loss of immigration papers.

+ Forging, using fake immigration papers to exit, enter or travel, reside abroad.

+ Give, give, buy, sell, borrow, lend, rent, lease, pledge or pledge immigration papers; destroying, erasing and correcting immigration documents.

Using immigration papers contrary to the law, adversely affecting the reputation or causing damage to the interests of the State.

Taking advantage of exit or entry to infringe upon national security, social order and safety of Vietnam, lawful rights and interests of agencies or organizations, or life, health, rights and interests legitimacy of the individual.

+ Illegal entry and exit; organizing, brokering, helping, harboring, concealing and facilitating other people's illegal exit or entry; cross national borders without following prescribed procedures.

+ Obstructing or resisting official duty officers in issuing immigration papers or controlling entry and exit.

- Persons whose exit is temporarily suspended, except for the case specified in Clause 12, Article 37 of the Law on Exit and Entry of Vietnamese citizens.

- In case of national defense or security reasons under the decision of the Minister of National Defense or the Minister of Public Security of Vietnam.

(Article 21 Law on exit and entry of Vietnamese citizens)

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