Application for certificate of marital status and marriage registration online in Vietnam

What are the regulations on the application for certificate of marital status and marriage registration online in Vietnam? - Tuan Ngoc (HCMC, Vietnam)

Application for certificate of marital status and marriage registration online in Vietnam

Individuals who want to make a certificate of marital status or register their marriage online, need to prepare a set of documents including:

- Interactive electronic form of TKH, XNTTHN.

- The person who requests to upload photocopies of the following documents:

+ Valid papers to prove that the applicant is eligible for marriage;

For marriage with foreign elements:

• A certificate from a competent Vietnamese or foreign medical organization certifying that the married parties do not suffer from mental illness or other diseases without the ability to perceive and control their behavior;

• Papers proving the foreigner's marital status, issued by the competent authority of the country of which he is a citizen, are still valid, certifying that he is currently unmarried or unmarried; in case the foreign country does not issue a certificate of marital status, it shall be replaced with a document issued by a foreign competent authority certifying that the person is eligible for marriage under the laws of that country.

• Foreigners and Vietnamese citizens residing abroad must submit a copy of their passport/passport replacement document.

• Vietnamese citizens who have divorced or annulled their marriages before a foreign competent authority must submit a copy of the civil status extract about the divorce or illegal annulment of marriage recorded in the book.
(Excerpt from divorce notes).

• Vietnamese citizens who are civil servants, public employees, or are serving in the armed forces must submit a document from the management agency or unit certifying that their marriage to a foreigner is not contrary to the regulations of that branch.

• In case the marriage registration requester is working, studying, or working abroad for a definite term, he/she must submit a certificate of marital status issued by the diplomatic mission, Consular representative offices of Vietnam in foreign countries.

+ Passport or People's Identity Card or Citizen's Identity Card or other papers with photos and personal information issued by a competent authority, valid for use to prove the identity of the requester. In case the personal information in these documents is already in the National Database, the electronic database, which is automatically filled in by the system, it is not required to upload;

+ Proof of residence. In case the residence information is already in the National Park Service, which is automatically filled in, it is not required to upload;

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Procedure for applying for certificate of marital status and marriage registration online in Vietnam 

Step 1. Submit and receive documents

- Persons who require access to the National Public Service Portal/Provincial Public Service Portal, register an account (if they do not have one), authenticate users according to the instructions, and log in to the system.

- Persons who request to choose a civil status registration agency competent to handle registration procedures, carry out the application process: online registration and registration.

The civil status registration agency is competent to handle the procedures for the registration of births under the provisions of Clause 1, Article 17 (commune-level People's Committees where either of the male or female parties resides), Clause 1, Article 37 of the Law on Civil Status 2014 (District-level People's Committees where Vietnamese citizens reside).

- The person who requests to provide information on the interactive electronic form of the SSC, XNTTHN (with the attached form); attach photocopies or electronic copies of papers and documents as prescribed; pay fees and charges through the online payment function or by other methods as prescribed by law, complete the application.

Step 2. After the requester completes the application on the system, the officer receiving the application is responsible for checking the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and validity of the application.

Step 3. Civil status civil servants verify records

Step 4. Civil status civil servants print the Marriage Certificate, submit it to the Leaders of the People's Committee for signature, and transfer the results to the Single-Window Department to return the results to the citizens.

Step 5. Both parties must be present and present identification documents (passport, identity card, citizen identification card, or other document with photo and personal information attached by a competent authority, still valid) to determine the correct identity, check the information on the Marriage Certificate and the Marriage Register, affirm the voluntary marriage, and sign the birth registration book and marriage certificate. Each male and female party receives one original marriage certificate.

Legal basis: Decision 309/QD-BTP in 2023.

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