07 contents that cadres and party members must set an example in Vietnam

07 contents that cadres and party members must set an example in Vietnam
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Cadres and party members must actively study and follow Ho Chi Minh's moral example. What content should be set as an example? The Binh (Nam Dinh, Vietnam)

Regarding this issue, LawNet would like to answer as follows:

The responsibility of setting an example of cadres and party members, especially key leaders at all levels, is prescribed by the Party Central Committee Secretariat in Regulation 101-QD/TW dated June 7, 2012.

07 nội dung cán bộ, đảng viên phải nêu gương

07 contents that cadres and party members must set an example in Vietnam (Internet image)

Specifically, each cadre and party member of the Communist Party of Vietnam must actively study and follow Ho Chi Minh's moral example. Officials with higher positions must be exemplary. 07 contents that cadres and party members must set an example for include:

1. Regarding political ideology in Vietnam

- Sticking to Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought, the Party's renewal line, and the goal of national independence and socialism; take the lead in combating the manifestations of degradation in political ideology, morality, and lifestyle.

- Being exemplary in implementing, propagating, and defending the guidelines and lines of the Party, policies and laws of the State; willing to sacrifice personal interests for the common interests of the Party, the State and the people.

2. Regarding ethics, lifestyle, and behavior in Vietnam

- Strictly following the Central Committee's Regulations on what party members are not allowed to do and the Central Inspection Commission's Guidelines on the implementation of this Regulation.

- Taking the lead in the fight against bureaucracy, corruption, and wastefulness; willing to accept and take responsibility when the organization, agency, or unit under his/her charge exhibits corruption, wastefulness, or negativity and is determined to correct and overcome.

- Setting an example of humility and simplicity in a practical and close manner to understand the thoughts and legitimate aspirations of the masses, first of all in organizations, agencies, working units, and places of residence.

- Resolutely not accepting gifts with self-seeking motives in any form; do not allow relatives to take advantage of their power and influence for personal gain.

3. Regarding self-criticism, criticism in Vietnam

- The leader must be an example of self-criticism and criticism for subordinates to follow.

- In self-criticism and criticism, it is necessary to be really demanding, self-disciplined, honest, sincere, fair-minded, not right-wing, avoid, and follow achievementism; When there is a defect, it must recognize the defect and have a plan to correct it.

- Having comradeship, loving each other; having a frank fight to protect the right; protecting the good people; and resolutely fighting against expressions of abuse of criticism with bad motives.

4. Regarding relations with the people in Vietnam

- Raising awareness about serving the people; working with an objective and fair attitude, focusing on solving the legitimate interests of the people; listening to the thoughts and aspirations of the masses, actively dialogue with the people and officials under their authority.

- Being exemplary in performing the civic duty of the place of residence.

- Resolutely fighting against expressions of indifference, bureaucracy, authority, bossiness, and acts of harassment and trouble to the people.

5. Regarding responsibility at work in Vietnam 

- Raising the sense of responsibility, dedication to the work; to lead and direct the unit to successfully complete the assigned tasks; actively studying, researching, absorbing, and effectively applying modern scientific and technological knowledge, initiatives in labor, production, and work.

- Being proactive, creative, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility; Speaking goes hand in hand with doing, having said it must be done.

- Understanding and properly performing their responsibilities, tasks, and powers; working with principles, discipline, reason, and love; not abusing their positions and powers when dealing with work; and fighting against the phenomenon of running for office, running for power, running for crime, running for degrees, running for emulation, and other negative manifestations.

- Resolutely opposing partial ideology, factionalism, and opportunistic, pragmatic expressions for personal gain, "group interest".

6. Regarding the sense of discipline in the organization in Vietnam

- Strictly implementing the principle of democratic centralism; promoting democracy in parallel with strictly maintaining discipline in organizations, agencies, and units.

- Being exemplary in complying with resolutions, directives, decisions, assignments, and maneuvers of the organization; taking the lead in implementing the party's order and regime, internal rules, regulations, and regulations of organizations, agencies, and units.

7. Regarding internal solidarity in Vietnam

- Wholeheartedly taking care of building and strengthening internal solidarity; being interested in the material and spiritual lives of the masses in agencies, units, and localities; being fair to officials under their authority; cooperating with comrades and colleagues to continuously improve.

- Sincerely helping comrades and colleagues in work and in life; protect the prestige and legitimate honor of comrades and colleagues; do not compete, blame, avoid, push responsibility, defects to others.

- Actively participating in building party organizations, authorities and socio-political organizations where they work; resolutely fight against manifestations of division, factions, causing disunity within and among the people.


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