04 notes for ophthalmic refractive officials of Vietnam

Recently, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam has promulgated Circular 14/2021/TT-BYT codes, standards for professional titles and salaries of refractive ophthalmologists. According to this Circular, there are 04 notes for ophthalmic refractive officials.

04 notes for ophthalmic refractive officials (Illustration image)

1. Name, code of professional title

Ophthalmic refraction (class III), code V.08.11.30.

2.  Standards of professional titles of refractive ophthalmology (class III)

* Standards of professional ethics

- Devoted to the cause of caring, protecting and improving people's health;

- Comply with the code of conduct of health officials;

- Practice profession in accordance with regulations, regulations, professional and technical processes and other provisions of the law of Vietnam;

- Constantly researching and learning to improve professional qualifications and capacity;

- Honesty, solidarity, respect and cooperation with colleagues.

* Standards of qualifications for training and retraining

Graduated from university majoring in refractive ophthalmology or above.

* Standards of professional competence

- Understanding the viewpoints, guidelines and lines of the Party, policies and laws of the State on the protection, care and improvement of people's health;

- Knowledge of health, eye diseases, refractive errors, use of diagnostic procedures, treatment of refractive errors;

- Performing ophthalmic refractive techniques, correcting refractive errors and correcting glasses;

- Have skills in counseling, health education and effective communication with patients and the community;

- Having skills in training, coaching, scientific research, cooperation with colleagues and professional development;

- Having basic information technology skills, using foreign languages ​​at a level equivalent to level 3 of the Vietnamese language competency framework, or using ethnic minority languages ​​for officials working in low-income areas. minorities according to the requirements of the job position.

3. Principles of appointment to the professional title of refractive ophthalmology

(1) The appointment and salary classification to the professional title of refractive ophthalmology (class III) must be based on the job position the officer is in charge of and the assigned tasks.

(2) When appointing and assigning salary to the professional title of ophthalmology refraction (class III), it is not allowed to combine salary increase or promotion to the professional title for public employees.

4. Salary classification of the professional title of refractive ophthalmology

Occupational titles of refractive ophthalmology class III specified in Circular 14/2021 shall apply the professional salary table for officials and public employees in non-business units of the State (Table 3) promulgated together with Decree 204/2004/ND-CP of Vietnam; The salary coefficient of the A1 public employee is applied, from the salary coefficient 2.34 to the salary coefficient 4.98.

- The change of salary ranking for public employees from the professional titles currently held by the medical professional to the professional title of refractive ophthalmology specified in Circular 14/2021 shall comply with the guidance in Clause 2, Section  II Circular 02/2007/TT-BNV. As follows:

+ In case of being appointed to a new rank in the same rank group as the old one (old and new ranks have the same salary scale coefficient), they will be ranked on the same salary scale and % of seniority allowance exceeding the bracket (if any) currently enjoyed at the same rank (including calculating the time to consider raising the next salary level or considering the allowance for excess seniority allowance if any in the old rank) to the new one.

+ In case of being appointed to a new rank with a salary coefficient of the same rank higher than that of the old one (for example, from a rank of A2.2 to a rank of A2.1), the salary arrangement shall be applied when raising the rank of officials or employees under Clause 1, Section II of Circular 02/2007/TT-BNV of Vietnam.

+ In case of being appointed to a new rank with a salary coefficient of the same rank lower than that of the old rank (for example, from a rank of A2.1 to a rank of A2.2), the salary arrangement guided at Point a, Clause 2 shall be applied and be entitled to an additional reserve differential coefficient equal to the salary coefficient (including the allowance that is suddenly over-framed, if any) currently being enjoyed at the old rank. This reserve differential coefficient is implemented as guided at Point c, Clause 1, Section II of Circular 02/2007/TT-BNV.

The above provisions are effective from November 1, 2021. Non-public health facilities can apply these regulations to recruit, employ and manage human resources.

Bao Ngoc



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