Extension of payment of CIT, PIT, and land rent in 2022

In Resolution 11/NQ-CP dated January 30, 2022 on the Socio-economic Recovery and Development Program, specifying the extension of the deadline for paying corporate income tax, personal income tax, and value added tax. increase, excise tax and land rent in 2022.

Extension of payment of CIT, PIT, and land rent in 2022

Extension of payment of CIT, PIT, and land rent in 2022 (Artwork)

Specifically, to support the recovery of enterprises, cooperatives and business households, the Government has proposed a number of key solutions as follows:

- Extend the deadline for paying corporate income tax, personal income tax, value added tax, excise tax and land rent in 2022.

- Interest rate support of 2%/year for 2 years from 2022 - 2023 through the system of commercial banks for commercial loans to businesses, cooperatives and business households that have the ability to repay, have the ability to repay. resilience in industries and fields:

+ Aviation, transportation and warehousing;

+ Tourism, accommodation, catering, education and training services;

+ Agriculture, forestry and fishery;

+ Processing and manufacturing industry (including machinery, equipment, drugs, pharmaceutical chemicals and herbal ingredients);

+ Publishing software;

Computer programming and related operations;

+ Information service activities;

+ Loans to renovate old apartments, build social houses, houses for workers to buy, rent and hire-purchase.

Support conditions : Belonging to beneficiaries, have received loans or meet loan conditions, approved by commercial banks.

- Research to stabilize the maximum ratio of short-term capital for medium and long-term loans, reasonably calculate the required reserve ratio, perform open market operations, refinance, and direct credit institutions continue to reduce operating costs to strive to reduce lending interest rates by about 0.5% - 1% in 2 years 2022 and 2023, especially for priority sectors.

- Continue to restructure the repayment term, exempt and reduce loan interest and keep the debt group unchanged for customers affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, closely monitor economic and money market developments to have appropriate solutions to support businesses and people, and at the same time ensure the safe operation of the system of credit institutions.

- Increase charter capital from after-tax profits, after setting aside funds for the period of 2021 - 2023 for joint stock commercial banks where the State holds more than 50% of charter capital and from the state budget for banks. Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.

- Continue to study and consider reducing electricity and water bills for businesses and people...

See details in Resolution 11/NQ-CP issued on January 30, 2022.



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