Exam for a practicing certificate in tax services: Notable regulations from March 21, 2021 in Vietnam

Recently, the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam issued Circular 10/2021/TT-BTC on guidelines for management of tax procedure services. In particular, candidates who take the exam for a tax procedure service practice certificate need to note the following regulations from March 21, 2021:

Exam for a practicing certificate in tax services: Notable regulations from March 21, 2021 in Vietnam

1. Eligibility for taking an exam

An examinee for a practicing certificate shall be a Vietnamese or foreigner who is permitted to reside in Vietnam at least for 12 months, and also meet the following eligibility requirements:

- He/she has full active legal capacity;

- He/she obtains a bachelor’s degree or higher in economics, tax, finance, accounting, auditing, law or a bachelor’s degree or higher in another major which has a total number of units of study or credits or class hours in economics, finance, accounting, auditing, tax, financial operation analysis subjects of at least 7% of the total number of units of study or credits or class hours of the whole course;

- He/she has had actual working time in tax, finance, accounting, auditing field for at least 36 months. The actual working time will be accumulated from the graduation date stated on the bachelor’s degree (or postgraduate degree) to the registration date for the exam;

- He/she submits adequate registration documents and pay sufficient registration fees as required.

2. Registration documents for an exam

A registrant for an exam for practicing certificate shall submit registration documents to the exam council via the website of General Department of Taxation of Vietnam, including:

- Registration form for exam No. 1.1 in the Appendix promulgated together with Circular 10/2021/TT-BTC;

- A bachelor’s degree or postgraduate degree as prescribed in clause 2 Article 4 of Circular 10/2021/TT-BTC; or an academic transcript (scan) specifying number of units of study or credits or class hours of all subjects, if the bachelor’s degree in not in economics, tax, finance, accounting, auditing, or law major;

- A certification of working time form No. 1.2. in the Appendix hereto or a social security book which justifies the working time as prescribed in clause 3 Article 4 of Circular 10/2021/TT-BTC (scan);

- An ID card or citizen identity card (for a Vietnamese) if the national population database has not been inaugurated or a passport (for a foreigner) which remains valid until the registration time (scan);

- A color photo 3x4cm, white background, taken within 06 months until the date of submission (photo file).

3. Subjects and format

(1) Contents to be examined to obtain a practicing certificate:

- Tax law

Contents in the tax law subject: Laws and guiding documents on tax administration, VAT, corporate income tax, special excise duty, personal income tax, resource royalty, other taxes, fees, and charges under state budget.

- Accounting.

Contents in the accounting subject: Accounting law, accounting standards, accounting system applicable to enterprises and other legal documents on accounting.

(2) Format: The exam may be taken on paper or computer in form of written exam or objective exam; the time allotted for each subject depends on the format of exam, from 60 minutes to 180 minutes.

Note: The language used in the exam periods is Vietnamese.

4. Registration fees for exam

The examinee must pay a registration fee for exam as notified by the exam council. The registration fee for exam shall be paid in cash or through electronic payments as guided by the exam council. If the examinee misses the exam though he/she has paid a registration fee for exam, such fee will not be refunded.


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