Violations in cinematographic activities in Vietnam

Violations in cinematographic activities in Vietnam
Võ Ngọc Nhi

Recently, the National Assembly of Vietnam approved Law on Cinematography 2022/a> in which, some violations in cinematographic activities are added, specifically:

- Distributing and disseminating films or movies in cinemas, on television, and in public cinema venues without a Film Rating License issued by a competent state agency in charge of cinema in Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as a Film Rating License) or a Broadcasting Decision of a press agency with a television license (hereinafter referred to as the Broadcasting Decision);

- Distributing films or movies on the internet without classification and displaying the results through movie classification in accordance with the Vietnam's Law on Cinematography 2022 provisions;

- Altering or misleading films or movies' content and classification results for films granted a Film Rating License or a Broadcasting Decision;

- Producing, distributing, and disseminating films, as well as transferring and archiving films not in accordance with Law on Cinematography 2022, Law on Intellectual Property and other relevant laws in Vietnam;

- Distributing and disseminating films or movies for which the decision to revoke the film rating license or broadcasting decision has been made;

- Making copies of films or movies without the permission of the film's owners, unless otherwise provided for by Intellectual Property Law;

- Failure to notify competent state agencies disseminating films in public;

- Assessing and issueing film rating licenses that violated Vietnam's law.

The Law on Cinematography 2022 takes effect on January 1, 2023, replacing the Law on Cinematography 2006


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