Vietnam: Common post-Covid-19 symptoms in children

Vietnam: Common post-Covid-19 symptoms in children
Nguyễn Như Mai

On July 5, 2022, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam issued Decision 1856/QD-BYT guidelines for diagnosis and treatment after COVID-19 infection for children (hereinafter referred to as post-Covid-19).

(1) The following are the most common post-Covid-19 symptoms in children in Vietnam:

- General condition: fever; body aches; tired.

- Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C).

- Ear, nose, and throat: ear pain; tinnitus; sore throat; loss of taste; hearing loss.

- Respiratory: cough; shortness of breath.

- Digestion: abdominal pain; vomiting; diarrhea; anorexia.

- Headache; decreased concentration; sleep disturbances; dizziness; delirium; convulsions

- Psychiatry - psychology: depression; concerned.

- Cardiovascular: chest pain; angina; palpitations; heart rhythm disturbances.

- Musculoskeletal: joint pain, muscle pain.

- Skin: rash; hair loss.

(2) Common post-Covid-19 signs in children in Vietnam:

- Shortness of breath; oxygen deficiency - SpO2<94%

- Acute chest pain

- Low blood pressure, shock

- Disturbance of consciousness; comatose; focal neurological signs

- Cardiac arrhythmia

- Fever

- Persistent cough

- Stomachache; vomiting

- Athritis.

See more at Vietnam's Decision 1856/QD-BYT effective from the date of signing.


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