Vietnam: 06 groups of factors causing obesity

Vietnam: 06 groups of factors causing obesity
Dương Châu Thanh

The Ministry of Health of Vietnam issued Decision 2892/QĐ-BYT on the professional document "Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of obesity" dated October 22, 2022.

According to Vietnam's Decision 2892/QD-BYT, six groups of factors causing obesity include:

(1) Nutritional factors

The nutritional causes of obesity are diverse, mainly due to:

Excessive increase in energy intake;

Overeating means eating more food than the body needs.

Overeating can be caused for many different reasons, such as:

+ Habits of the family;

+ The subjectivity of people who eat a lot.

- A "rich" fat diet

In children, excessive consumption of sweets increases the risk of obesity.

Breastfeeding for less than 3 months is associated with an increased risk of childhood obesity at school.

(2) Genetic factors

Fat cells readily divide in one of two ways:

- Hyperplasia: both increase in volume and increase in the number of fat cells (increased 3–4 times), occurs in children or puberty; difficult to treat.

- Hypertrophy: fat cells enlarge due to increased fat accumulation but not the increase in number common in adults; better prognosis.

(3) Endocrine factors:

- Damage to the hypothalamus due to trauma, malignancy, inflammation, hypogonadism, decreased gonadotropin.

- Genitourinary obesity syndrome.

- Hypothyroidism

- Hyperadrenalism.

- Pancreatic tumors secrete insulin.

- Polycystic ovary syndrome.

(4) Histopathological factors:

- Excessive hyperplasia of the number of fat cells where the size of the fat cells may be normal.

- Hypertrophy of fat cells where the number of fat cells does not increase or only increases when the fat cells are fully enlarged.

(5) Medicine used factors:

- Steroid hormones

- Classic antidepressant (3 rounds, 4 rounds, MAO).

- Benzodiazepines

- Lithium.

- Antipsychotic drugs.

(6) Other factors

Vietnam's Decision 2892/QD-BYT takes effect from the date of signing and promulgation.


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