To revise the legal system to suit the scientific and technological development in Vietnam

To revise the legal system to suit the scientific and technological development in Vietnam
Nguyễn Như Mai

This is the content of Decision No. 569/QD-TTg dated May 11, 2022 on the strategy for development of science, technology and innovation by 2030 issued by the Prime Minister of Vietnam.

Accordingly, with a view to renewing the operation mechanism and raising the capability of State management of Vietnam over science, technology and innovation, the Prime Minister of Vietnam sets up a number of tasks and units as follows:


- To amend and perfect the legal system on science and technology and relevant laws of Vietnam to suit the new requirements set in the development of science and technology and innovation, promote innovation and creativity in association with science and technology; and


To study the renewal of mechanisms and policies and laws on investment, public investment, public procurement, state budget, public assets and taxes in Vietnam in order to encourage and develop scientific and technological activities and innovation.


Perfecting the legislation on intellectual property, protecting and efficiently and reasonably exploiting intellectual assets created by Vietnam.


- To comprehensively renew management activities and perform scientific and technological tasks at all levels toward publicity, transparency, objectivity and simplification of administrative procedures; to attach importance to the following contents:


Conversion of management processes and database of scientific and technological resources and innovation; and


Reviewing and amending regulations on management of science and technology tasks towards solving difficulties and problems in transfer of assets formed in state-funded science and technology tasks;


- To formulate a number of key, strong and potential projects and programs on science and technology in order to solve particularly important long-term issues for national development.


- Developing the scientific and technological forecasting system, building orientation of technology development, technological map, technological innovation roadmap of some areas with priority, in which focus on some areas such as health technology, artificial intelligence, new materials, energy reserve and some areas associated with investment of large enterprises.


Specified in Decision No. 569/QD-TTg dated May 11, 2022.


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