To reduce the obesity rate among children and adults in Vietnam

To reduce the obesity rate among children and adults in Vietnam
Nguyễn Thị Diễm My

On May 19, 2022, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam issued the Decision No. 1294/QD-BYT on the issuance of the Action Plan to implement the National Nutrition Strategy in Vietnam by 2025.

Some targets on reduction of overweight and obesity rates among children and adults in Vietnam until 2025 are set as follows:

- The obesity rate among under-5 children is below 10% (in which the city is below 11% and the rural area is below 7%).

(This percentage will be 11.1%/year in 2020; (11.4% in which the city and 7.6% in rural areas).

- The percentage of obesity of children aged 5-18: Under 19% (in which the city area is below 27%, in which the rural area is below 13%).

(This percentage will be 19% by 2020 (26.8% for city area).

- The obesity in adults will be at least 19-64 years old: Under 20% (including less than 23% in the city and less than 17% in the rural areas).

(This percentage will be 20.6% by 2020).

In addition, in order to attain the objective of "control of obesity, prevention of non-communicable chronic diseases and related risk elements in children, adolescents and adults" in Vietnam there are other indices:

The rate of hypertension for people aged between 30 and 69 years by 2025 will be below 20% (18.9% by 2020).

Details of the Decision No. 1294/QD-BYT comes into force from the day on which it is signed.


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