To promote IT applications when handling construction practice certificates in Vietnam

To promote IT applications when handling construction practice certificates in Vietnam
Dương Châu Thanh

The Ministry of Construction issued Directive 04/CT-BXD dated May 29, 2023 on strengthening the review and rectification of the work of granting construction practice certificates and capacity certificates.

To promote IT applications when handling construction practice certificates in Vietnam

It is required to promote the application of information technology in handling administrative procedures for the issuance of practice certificates and construction operation capacity certificates;

Strengthening the dissemination and encouragement of individuals and organizations to carry out level 4 administrative procedures for procedures eligible for implementation as prescribed.

In addition, proactively review and correct the work of receiving dossiers, considering granting practice certificates, certificates of capacity for construction activities;

Implementing the certification process to ensure publicity, transparency, and convenience for individuals and organizations to carry out administrative procedures; collecting fees for the issuance of certificates according to regulations;

Preventing acts of violating public service ethics such as harassing, causing troubles, and being negative while receiving dossiers and considering granting certificates;

Strengthening control, timely detecting prohibited acts such as using invalid documents, diplomas, and certificates that are not in accordance with their capacity to qualify for certification procedures; in case there are enough grounds to identify forged papers to apply for a certificate, they shall notify the competent authorities and handle them according to regulations.

Also in accordance with this directive, review and post full information on the capacity of construction activities of certificated individuals and organizations on the website under their management and integrate information on the website of the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam, "" (send the required content on the system through the transferred account, operating instructions to the certification authority) for management and search.

At the same time, strengthening the dissemination and guidance of individuals and organizations to look up information on construction capacity on these websites and avoid accessing fake information sites that provide inaccurate information.

More details can be found in Directive 04/CT-BXD issued on May 29, 2023.


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