To allow active duty age extension of up to 5 years for professional soldiers in Vietnam

To allow active duty age extension of up to 5 years for professional soldiers in Vietnam
Nguyễn Trinh

Recently, the Ministry of National Defense of Vietnam issued Circular 12/2021/TT-BQP amending some articles of Circular 170/2016/TT-BQP on professional military personnel corresponding to the salary level; promotion; promotion and demotion of military rank in case of being disciplined to lower the salary grade; procedures and decision-making authority for professional soldiers, national defense workers, and officers.

According to Clause 2 of Article 1 of Vietnam's Circular 12/2021/TT-BQP amending Article 8b of Vietnam's Circular 170/2016/TT-BQP, the time limit for extending the age of active service is as follows:

  • The extension of active duty age shall not exceed 5 years in comparison to the maximum age limit for active service according to military rank, but shall not exceed the retirement age of employees under normal working conditions according to Vietnam's Labor Code roadmap;

  • If professional soldiers in command and management positions in defense factories and enterprises extend their active duty age, they must relinquish their positions as commanders and managers; special cases will be decided by the Minister of Defense of Vietnam.


    During the period of prolonging the service age in the professional army, if one of the conditions is not satisfied for the extension of the active duty age as prescribed, the unit shall consider quitting active service.


More details can be found in Vietnam's Circular 12/2021/TT-BQP, effective from March 15, 2021.


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