The expense for reviewing, appraising, and adjusting the profiles of people with meritorious services to increase in Vietnam

The expense for reviewing, appraising, and adjusting the profiles of people with meritorious services to increase in Vietnam
Võ Ngọc Nhi

Recently, the Minister of Finance of Vietnam issued Circular 44/2022/TT-BTC on the management and use of funds for regular expenses to implement policies and incentives for people with meritorious services and relatives of people with meritorious services.

According to the Circular, the cost of reviewing, appraising, and adjusting the profiles of meritorious people will be increased as follows:

Expenses for approving, appraising, and adjusting dossiers of meritorious people: Up to 60,000 VND/document.

(Compared to Vietnam's Circular 101/2018/TT-BTC, the expenditure increased by 10,000 VND/document)

Based on the actual situation in the locality and the assigned estimate, the Director of the Department of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs of Vietnam shall decide specifically the level of support and allocation of funds to the agencies and units participating in the approval, appraisal, and adjustment of dossiers;

In addition, regulations on the content and level of management costs, for example:

- Expenses to support inspection and examination;

- To estimate, review, approve, and appraise the final settlement of funds for the implementation of the policy of preferential treatment for people with meritorious services;

Travel expenses for appraisal, verification, and handling of dossiers of meritorious people: The content and levels of expenses shall comply with the regime for working-trip allowances specified in Circular 40/2017/TT-BTC;

- Expenses for petrol and oil, communications in service of the implementation of preferential policies for people with meritorious services: Expenses shall be made according to invoices, vouchers, and contracts (in case of job assignment and service hire);

- Expenses for assessment of criminal technical documents and records of meritorious persons: Fees based on invoices from expertise establishments;

- Expenses for welcoming people with meritorious services to the revolution: The level of expenditure is according to the level of spending on domestic guests specified in Circular 71/2018/TT-BTC on the following: the regime for welcoming foreign guests to work in Vietnam; the regime for the expense of organizing international conferences and seminars in Vietnam; the regime for welcoming domestic guests.

Circular 44/2022/TT-BTC takes effect from September 5, 2022, replacing Circular 101/2018/TT-BTC and Circular 148/2015/TT-BTC.


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