Salary for civil servants of units under social insurance of Vietnam

Salary for civil servants of units under social insurance of Vietnam
Ngọc Nhi

On September 22, 2022, the Prime Minister of Vietnam issued Decision 19/2022/QD-TTg on management costs of social insurance, unemployment insurance and health insurance in the period of 2022-2024.

According to Vietnam's Decision 19/2022/QD-TTg, the salary levels for officials, civil servants, public employees, and employees are as follows:
- The salary level for cadres, civil servants, public employees, and employees will be multiplied by 1.8 in the following cases or the job position is approved by a competent authority:
+ Cadres, civil servants, public employees, and employees working at units under the Vietnam Social Insurance;
+ Persons working under the labor contract regime in the social insurance organizations of the Ministry of National Defense or the People's Public Security Association of Vietnam;
+ Employees implementing unemployment insurance policies of the labor-war invalids and social sectors.
- The salary increase by 0.8 times as mentioned above does not include:
+ Service allowance;
+ Seniority allowance;
+ Occupational responsibility allowance;
+ Educational incentive allowance;
+ Attractive allowances in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions;
+ Allowance for night work and overtime.
In addition, the above allowance is not used to calculate the payment and enjoyment of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and trade union fees and is implemented until the reform of the salary policy is implemented in accordance with Vietnam's Resolution 27-NQ/TW 2018.
Vietnam's Decision 19/2022/QD-TTg takes effect from November 10, 2022.

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