Projects of developing seed by 100% funded by the state budget in Vietnam

Projects of developing seed by 100% funded by the state budget in Vietnam
Bảo Ngọc

On December 3rd, 2021, the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam promulgated Circular 107/2021/TT-BTC managing, using and settling the non-business funding for performing the tasks of developing seed production in the Program on research and development of seed production to serve the restructuring of the agricultural sector from 2021 to 2030.

According to the Circular, the Vietnamese central budget stipulates that the central budget will ensure up to 100% funding for the implementation of projects on development of agricultural and forestry plant varieties, livestock breeds and national key aquatic breeds, which are managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, other ministries and agencies and organize the implementation of Vietnam, including:

- Importing, buying copyright of new varieties for varieties that do not exist in the country;

- Selection of top-line trees, selection of dominant plants by the units;

- Taking care of top-notch orchards, seed forests, and seed gardens to provide propagating materials by the units;

- Importing the seed production technology according to the copyright transfer value, including the cost of hiring foreign experts for technical advice, technology transfer and other related expenses;

- Perfecting seed production technologies for technologies already promulgated by competent authorities;

- Training in the breeding technology process;

- Controlling seed quality;

- Inspection and supervision; organize a preliminary review and evaluation of the program's implementation results.

Circular 107/2021/TT-BTC takes effect from January 20th, 2022.

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