Prime Minister of Vietnam’s Directive on comprehensive, quick, and sustainable tourism development in the upcoming time

Prime Minister of Vietnam’s Directive on comprehensive, quick, and sustainable tourism development in the upcoming time
Lê Trương Quốc Đạt

On February 23, 2024, the Prime Minister of Vietnam promulgated Directive No. 08/CT-TTg on comprehensive, quick, and sustainable tourism development in the upcoming time.

Prime Minister of Vietnam’s Directive on comprehensive, quick, and sustainable tourism development in the upcoming time 

According to the Directive, People’s Committees of provinces and centrally affiliated cities shall, based on their assigned tasks and entitlements, intensify the state management of tourism in their areas and implement measures to resolve difficulties and promote the comprehensive, quick, and sustainable development of tourism; focus on the following key tasks:

- Directing tourism service providers to post up prices and comply with the listed prices strictly; inspecting and supervising compliance with tax obligations with the State. Handling any violation according to laws, including the imposition of business suspension and license revocation; handling organizations and individuals that abet and cover up violations, profiteer from solicitation, price gouging, false advertising, etc., in tourism business operations. 

- Creating a favorable business environment, encouraging innovation and innovative entrepreneurship, developing enterprises, and establishing tourism enterprises with strong brands; supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and household businesses engaging in tourism to apply science and technology, promote digital transformation, and access capital sources.

- Effectively implementing administration and public-private partnership cooperation models in tourism development based on "lợi ích hài hòa, rủi ro chia sẻ" (harmonious benefits and shared risks); promptly promulgating preferential regulations and policies to effectively mobilize resources of enterprises, especially major enterprises investing in tourism development. 

- Preserving and promoting special indigenous cultural values and unique natural landscapes for sustainable tourism development. Ensuring security and safety for tourists, focusing on environmental hygiene and food hygiene and safety; encouraging the participation of people and enterprises in the development of a cultural, civilized, friendly, hospitable tourism environment following the "Mỗi người dân là một đại sứ du lịch" (Every citizen is a tourism ambassador) motto.

- Developing plans and tasks of protecting the environment, planting and developing landscape green tree systems in tourist attractions and urban and rural areas. Raising people’s awareness in association with environmental education and preservation and embellishment of cultural-historical relics and natural landscapes; disseminating, universalizing, and guiding tourism service providers to comply with environmental protection laws. 

- Developing under their jurisdiction policies on incentives and support for individuals, organizations, and communities participating in the business and provision of services and products of community-based tourism and agricultural-rural tourism; formulate planning for evening economic development areas in association with tourism services; developing diversified night-time tourism products and services in areas with local areas with a large concentration of tourists; requesting competent authorities to approve the extension of operational time in areas determined for evening economic development. 

- Accelerating regional connections and local connections to formulate tourism growth motivations based on the "một cung đường - nhiều điểm đến" (one route- many destinations) motto, establishing specific tourism products and product chains of each province; closely cooperating in product investment, development, communications, and advertising and the implementation of tourism stimulus campaigns.

- Allocating appropriate resources for digital transformation in tourism development consistent with the digital transformation contents implemented by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam, avoiding the fragmentation and waste of resources.

- Presidents of People’s Committees of provinces and centrally affiliated cities shall promote the role of heads and innovate the way of thinking in policy planning, directive, and administration of tourism development following the "Nhà nước, doanh nghiệp, Nhân dân đồng hành phát triển du lịch" (State, enterprises, and people to accompany tourism development) motto.

See more details in Directive No. 08/CT-TTg dated February 23, 2024. 


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