Place to receive citizens to lodge complaints and denunciations in the People's Public Security in Vietnam

Place to receive citizens to lodge complaints and denunciations in the People's Public Security in Vietnam
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On October 20, 2021, Vietnam's Ministry of Public Security promulgated Circular 98/2021/TT -BCA stipulates the work of receiving citizens who come to complain, denounce, recommend and report in the People's Public Security

According to the Circular, the location of citizen reception is specified as follows:

- The Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam shall arrange a meeting place for citizens in Hanoi, ensuring physical foundations and means, including: audio and video recording equipment, computers, printers, telephones, notebooks, books, etc. There is a police force in charge of security and order protection.

- Units belonging to the ministerial agency where the inspection is organized; Provincial-level police shall arrange places to receive citizens, ensuring necessary facilities and means as above.

- Units of ministerial agencies where there is no inspection organization and units of provincial-level Public Security with the same headquarters shall report to immediate superiors to arrange public or private reception places for citizens.

- District-level police; Commune-level police shall arrange locations to ensure necessary facilities for receiving citizens...

Note: Public reception locations of police at all levels must be located at convenient locations; have the signboard "CITIZEN WELCOME LOCATION" according to regulations; must publicly post their full name, rank, position, citizen reception schedule; there is a legal bookcase for citizens to refer to...

For details, see Circular 98/2021/TT-BCA of Vietnam which takes effect from December 3, 2021 and replaces Circular 30/2015/TT-BCA.


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