Physical health insurance card is not required for medical examination and treatment in Vietnam

Physical health insurance card is not required for medical examination and treatment in Vietnam
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On May 31, 2021, Vietnam Social Security issued Dispatch 1493/BHXH-CSYT on usage Health insurance card image on VssID application for medical examination and treatment.

According to the Official Dispatch, from June 1, 2021, patients with health insurance who come for medical examination and treatment can use the image of their health insurance card on the Vss-ID application instead of using a paper health insurance card in Vietnam.

Specifically, users must create an account by downloading the VssID application installed on their smartphone. After creating an account with the owner's photo, users can look up information about their health insurance card, which facility to visit, the process of participating in social insurance, sickness, maternity, and occupational disease benefits in Vietnam. 

Medical examination and treatment facilities use readers to scan the QR Code. If there is no reader, people can write the health insurance card number directly on the VssID application.

It should be noted that for users who do not have an account on VssID, they can still receive medical examination and treatment with a paper health insurance card.

Previously, the piloting of using health insurance cards on the Vss-ID application in 10 flood-affected localities has brought convenience to health insurance participants and medical facilities. In addition, the security and safety when using it is still guaranteed, limiting the abuse and profiteering of health insurance funds in Vietnam.

Vietnam's Official Dispatch 1493/BHXH-CSYT issued on May 31, 2021.


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