Officially issued the "Vaccine passport" form

Officially issued the "Vaccine passport" form
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On December 20, 2021, the Ministry of Health issued Decision 5772/QD-BYT promulgating the form and process for the issuance of "Vaccine passports".

Accordingly, the "vaccine passport" form includes the following information fields:

- First and last name;

- Date of birth;

- Nationality;

- The disease to which the certificate targets;

- Number of injections received;

- Date of injection; dose number;

- Vaccine; vaccine products;

- Vaccine supplier or manufacturer;

- Code of the certificate.

The above information will be digitally signed, encrypted and packaged as a 2D QR code.


- The above information includes full name, date of birth combined with other identification documents such as ID card, CCCD or passport to help identify the owner.

- Information about the disease for which the certificate is targeted, vaccine, vaccine type and supplier or manufacturer will be displayed in correspondence with the updated WHO “COVID-19 vaccine tracker and landscape” document on the website. WHO web portal and “Value Sets for EU Digital COVID Certificates” issued by the European Union (EU).

- QR Code expires after 12 months from the date of creation.

Decision 5772/QD-BYT takes effect from December 20, 2021.

>> See more about the vaccine passport issuance process in the article:   'Vaccine passport' form and issuance process


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