List of statistical indicators in the postal sector in Vietnam

List of statistical indicators in the postal sector in Vietnam
Nguyễn Thị Diễm My

The Minister of Information and Communications of Vietnam issues Circular 03/2022/TT-BTTTT dated June 22, 2022 regulations The system of statistical indicators for the Information and Communication industry.

According to the Circular, the list of statistical indicators in the postal sector includes:

- Number of postal enterprises;

- Total revenue of postal enterprises;

- Revenue from service of delivering packages and packages of goods for e-commerce;

- Number of packages and parcel delivery services for e-commerce;

- Number of employees of the postal enterprise;

- Number of postal service points;

- Amount paid by postal enterprises contributing to the state budget;

- Profit after tax of postal enterprises;

- Basic mail output;

- Output of newspapers and magazines published through the public postal network;

- Number of dossiers of receipt and return of results of administrative procedures through the public postal service;

- Output of postal services serving Party and State agencies;

- Percentage of population assigned digital address.

Compared with the current regulations, some statistical indicators are added such as the percentage of population assigned digital address; total revenue of postal enterprises;...

Circular 03/2022/TT-BTTTT takes effect from August 15, 2022 and replaces Circular 15/2017/TT-BTTTT.


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