It is possible to organize online and face-to-face new classes for new Party members in Vietnam

It is possible to organize online and face-to-face new classes for new Party members in Vietnam
Dương Châu Thanh

The Central Propaganda Department of Vietnam issued Instruction 60-HD/BTGTWdated June 16, 2022,on the Political Theory Training Program for new members

According to Vietnam's Instruction, the procedures of organization of a political theory training class for new party members are as follows:

- Teachers need to know the characteristics of students to choose appropriate teaching methods for specific subjects.

Selecting several contents in the document to analyze, clarify, and combine lectures with discussion and exchange of experiences among students in an appropriate and practical way; Students can choose some parts for self-study and self-research and it is not necessary to teach all the content in the lesson.

- Organizing learning by class; focusing in class, listening to lectures, discussions, and answering questions; writing the report, evaluating the results through the report.

During the lecture, combine explanation with discussion and dialogue between lecturers and students, between students and students. Organizing outing trips, and listening to reports of practical experiences are also considered official, relevant, efficient in Vietnam.

* In the situation of complicated epidemics and other force majeure cases in Vietnam, according to the actual conditions of each locality, and region, classes are flexibly organized in the form of concentration and non-concentration;

Focusing on innovating teaching methods, combining online and face-to-face learning, while ensuring the requirements of learning political theory and ensuring the requirements of disease prevention, under the current requirements, conditions, and situations in Vietnam.

See more at Instruction 60-HD/BTGTW dated June 16, 2022.


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