Forms of discipline for violations against regulations on anti-corruption in Vietnam

Forms of discipline for violations against regulations on anti-corruption in Vietnam
Nguyễn Thị Diễm My

On July 6, 2022, the Central Executive Committee of Vietnam issued Regulation 69-QD/TW on discipline of violated party organization, party members.

According to the regulations in Vietnam, amendments to violations against regulations on anti-corruption and negativities which that party members are disciplined:

- Reprimand:

Planning, appointing, transfering, rotating personnel who are in the process of inspection when there are signs of violations, consider disciplinary action, and are recommended to handle violations according to the conclusion of the examination, inspection, investigation, or denunciation settlement in Vietnam.

- Warning or dismissal (if there is a position):

+ Causing serious corruption and negativity in agencies, units, and organizations under their direct charge.

+ Disclosing information, threatening, taking revenge, or punishing those who report, denounce, denounce, report, provide information about corrupt or negative acts in Vietnam.

- Exclusion:

+ Failing to reimburse or hand over money and properties that have been used or appropriated due to corruption. Do not actively recover or obstruct the recovery of corrupt assets.

+ Abusing the positions, powers, and competence to appropriate public property in Vietnam.

See more at Regulation 69-QD/TW which takes effect from July 6, 2022 in Vietnam and replaces Regulation 07-QDi/TW dated August 28, 2018, Regulation 102-QD/TW dated November 15, 2017 .


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