Decision 35/2021/QD-TTg of Vietnam: Annulling 27 legal documents of the Prime Minister

Decision 35/2021/QD-TTg of Vietnam: Annulling 27 legal documents of the Prime Minister
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On November 24, 2021, the Prime Minister of Vietnam promulgated Decision 35/2021/QD-TTg on the abolition of a number of regulatory documents violate the law of the Prime Minister.

According to the Decision, all 27 legal documents of the Prime Minister  of Vietnam are annulled, including:

- Decision No. 118-TTg dated March 26, 1993 on the purchase of specialized economic news from foreign news agencies.

- Decision No. 595/TTg dated December 15, 1993 on the regime for soldiers and people's policemen upon discharge.

- Decision No. 70/1998/QD-TTg dated March 31, 1998 on the collection and use of tuition fees at public education and training institutions under the national education system.

- Decision No. 219/1999/QD-TTg dated November 11, 1999 on the policy of protecting the interests of local people where minerals are mined, processed and protected untapped mineral resources.

- Decision No. 105/2000/QD-TTg dated August 25, 2000 on the exemption from payment of agricultural land use tax and house and land tax.

- Decision No. 216/2005/QD-TTg dated August 31, 2005 promulgating the Regulation on auction of land use rights for land allocation with collection of land use levy or land lease...

For details, Let’s see Decision 35/2021/QD-TTg of Vietnam effective from December 1, 2021.


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