Coordinating to strengthen measures to prevent murder in Vietnam

Coordinating to strengthen measures to prevent murder in Vietnam
Đức Thảo

Recently, the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam issued the Official Dispatch No. 04/TANDTC-TH coordinating to strengthen measures to prevent murder in Vietnam.

According to the Official Dispatch No. 04/TANDTC-TH, in order to coordinate in strengthening measures to prevent murder, the Supreme People's Court of Vietnam requested the Chief Justices of the Provincial People's Courts, the Superior People’s Courts, the Central Military Courts, the heads of the units under the Supreme People's Court shall, based on their functions and duties as prescribed by law, direct the implementation of a number of tasks, specifically as follows:

- Thoroughly and strictly implement the Directives, Resolutions and conclusions of the Communist Party and the National Assembly on the prevention and control of crime and law violations; Directives and Resolutions of the Supreme People's Court on the implementation of key tasks in 2021 of the Courts, including improving the quality of  criminal cases settlements, especially settlement of murder cases;

- Actively and closely coordinate with the procedure-conducting agencies to speed up the progress and bring to the trial criminal cases of murder in a timely manner, ensuring strictness and compliance with the law, preventing the occurrence of unjust, injustice and omission of crime;

- Select key cases to organize a trial to learn from experience and propagate on the mass media, especially cases that provoke public opinion and have a professional nature caused by gangs and subjects in order to deter and educate for general prevention. 

- …

Official Dispatch No. 04/TANDTC-TH issued by the Supreme People’s Court on January 08, 2021.


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