Contents of research development expenditure on Mathematical works

Contents of research development expenditure on Mathematical works
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The Ministry of Finance issued Circular 22/2022/TT-BTC dated March 30, 2022 guiding the management and use of recurrent expenditures for the implementation of the National Key Program for Mathematical Development in the 2021-2030 period.

Accordingly, the content of spending to maintain and develop research groups, traditional strong research directions, and at the same time support the formation and development of strong domestic research groups and domestic mixed research groups - international as follows:

- Travel expenses, room rent for research groups in the country when coming to work at the Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics and higher education institutions;

- Expenses for inviting international scientists to Vietnam to form a domestic - international joint research group: comply with the provisions of Circular  71/2018/TT-BTC ;

- Payment of remuneration for strong research groups under contract of contract: Apply according to the provisions of Joint Circular  55/2015/TTLT-BTC-BKHCN.

The Ministry of Education and Training shall decide on a specific wage rate for each member of the research team to ensure that it is appropriate, within the scope of the assigned budget estimate, not exceeding VND 40 million/person/month.

See details in Circular 22/2022/TT-BTC  effective from May 15, 2022.


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