Contents of document examination of high-altitude meteorology, ultraviolet radiation in Vietnam

Contents of document examination of high-altitude meteorology, ultraviolet radiation in Vietnam
Nguyễn Thị Diễm My

On June 3, 2022, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment issued Circular 04/2022/TT-BTNMT providing technical regulations on inspection, control and assessment of the quality of aerial meteorological documents and radar. weather, ozone and ultraviolet radiation in Vietnam.

Accordingly, the contents of the inspection of aerial meteorological documents, weather radar, ozone and ultraviolet radiation in Vietnam include:

- Receive documents and check the time of submission of documents as prescribed.

- Check the number, capacity and classification: check the number of copies, the number of pages of paper documents, the number of computer carriers (data files, CDs, DVDs, storage drives, ...) of the document. Whether.

- Check the physical condition and form of the document: check whether the document is damaged, crumpled, torn, smudged, erased, not in accordance with the document specifications (for paper documents); warping, mold, breakage, virus infection or inability to open the files on the media.

- Checking the legality and completeness of documents: checking the origin of documents is done by monitoring equipment provided by the management agency or not; parameters of the device's serial number, model number or output source; check the number of items and subsections for paper documents, the number of files, the size of each document file.

- Check to determine the status of monitoring works and monitoring equipment:

+ Check the reported information on station works and technical corridors;

+ Check to determine the calibration, inspection, maintenance and preservation of equipment;

+ Checking to determine the completeness of consumable materials and equipment.

Circular 04/2022/TT-BTNMT takes effect from July 18, 2022.


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