05 requirements when participating in an online trial

05 requirements when participating in an online trial
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This is a remarkable content in the Joint Circular 05/2021/TTLT-TANDTC-VKSNDTC-BCA-BQP-BTP guiding the implementation of online court sessions.

Accordingly, there are 05 requirements when participating in an online court hearing as follows:

(1) Comply with the rules of the courtroom.

(2) Always leave the electronic device open with the camera and microphone on; only when asked to speak.

(3) Do not create other noises while the electronic device is on, which may affect the court hearing.

(4) Court participants must wear proper attire; not get up or leave during the trial without the permission of the presiding judge;

Do not take pictures, record audio, record video, record video with sound, distribute documents or distribute account information to log in to the online adjudication system, or stream the court hearing in cyberspace.

(5) The litigants, victims, defense counsels, defenders of the litigants' legitimate rights and interests, and victims participating in the online court hearing must present one of the identification papers (such as personal identity card). ID card, passport, lawyer card, legal assistant card) for comparison.

In case the involved parties authorize another person to participate in the proceedings, the authorized person must also present a written authorization.

Joint Circular 05/2021/TTLT-TANDTC-VKSNDTC-BCA-BQP-BTP takes effect from February 1, 2022.


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