The Ministry of Health will issue 'vaccine passports' to people from April 15

Today (April 4), the Ministry of Health held an online conference at the bridge point of 63 provinces and cities to guide the implementation of the issuance of "vaccine passports" and thoroughly understand the supplement and authentication of COVID vaccination information. -19. It is expected that from April 15, the Ministry of Health will issue "vaccine passports" to people.

After this conference, it is expected that from April 15, the Ministry of Health will issue "vaccine passports" to people. Photo: VGP/HM

At the conference, Deputy Minister of Health Tran Van Thuan said that, performing the tasks assigned by the Government, up to now, the systems are ready to deploy to issue "vaccine passports" to people.

A representative of the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (Ministry of Public Security) said that as of March 30, the COVID-19 vaccination management platform had sent about 154 million injections, leaving about 41 million shots have not been sent (these are old injections, lack of basic information cannot be sent). Of the 154 million injections sent, the Ministry of Public Security authenticated 112,569,288 correct information, the remaining 41,431,113 injections verified incorrect information. 

Regarding the solution of data cleaning and additional import of old subjects, the representative of the Ministry of Public Security suggested that vaccination establishments are responsible for reviewing and coordinating with local police to supplement, verify and verify Verify and input data into the system.

Mr. Do Truong Duy, Director of the Department of Information Technology (Ministry of Health), said that up to now, the preparation for the issuance of "vaccine passports" has basically been completed. People who have been vaccinated, have accurately declared information and have had their data entered into the vaccination system by vaccination facilities, and verified information with the National Population Database, will be issued a "passport" vaccine" without any procedure. 

The "vaccine passport" will be displayed on the Electronic Health Book application, PC-Covid, or searched on the Portal of the Ministry of Health.

For those who have not been issued a "vaccine passport" due to missing or incorrect information, it should be reported on the COVID-19 Immunization Portal (at, or contact us. directly to the vaccination facility to be supplemented and edited. A representative of the Ministry of Health said that from now on, people need to check their vaccination information on the electronic health book application.

To ensure the interests of vaccinated people, Deputy Minister Tran Van Thuan suggested that vaccination facilities across the country review, supplement and authenticate COVID-19 vaccination information, enter COVID-19 vaccination data. -19 is fully and accurately uploaded to the "vaccine passport" service system and connects and shares data with the National Population Database.

The "vaccine passport" is actually an electronic injection certificate. This certificate is issued according to European standards so that when people enter or move, they need to provide a certificate of vaccination, this is considered a passport, making it easy for people to enter other countries. .

Previously, people's vaccination information had not been standardized and had not been updated according to European standards, so it could not be used when people exit or enter.

In the coming time, the Ministry of Health will continue to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to negotiate and reach agreement with countries that have recognized Vietnam's vaccination certificates. From there, we will confirm which application will create the best conditions for people to use when entering and leaving, as well as which countries will read the data on our application. On that basis, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue specific instructions or notify the people.

The vaccine passport application process consists of 3 steps:

Step 1: Immunization establishments review, verify and authenticate vaccination information on vaccination platforms.

Step 2: After the vaccination facilities review and verify the correct vaccination information, they will digitally sign to confirm the vaccination information. After that, the data will be sent to the certification management system "vaccine passport".

Step 3: The Department of Preventive Medicine (Ministry of Health) is responsible for digitally signing to issue a "vaccine passport".

As of today (April 4), Bach Mai Hospital has signed and certified 2,013 subjects with nearly 6,000 injections. In Ho Chi Minh City, Gia An General Hospital 115 has signed and certified 425 subjects.

According to statistics on the COVID-19 vaccine vaccination portal, as of April 1, the country has injected more than 200 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The coverage rate of COVID-19 vaccine for people 18 years of age and older with the first dose is nearly 100%, the second dose is 99%, and the rate of people who have received the third dose is about 50%.

For people 12 to 17 years old, the rate of injection 1 is 99%, dose 2 is 94%. The Ministry of Health and localities are also preparing to vaccinate against COVID-19 for children aged 5 to under 12 years old in early April.

Hien Minh

Source: Cổng thông tin điện tử Chính phủ

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