Replication of learning models in families, clans and communities

The Prime Minister has just issued Decision 387/QD-TTg approving the program "Promoting the lifelong learning movement in families, clans, communities and units for the period 2021 - 2030". Accordingly, one of the tasks and solutions to implement the Program is to supplement, perfect and replicate learning models in society.

Replication of learning models in families, clans and communities

Replication of learning models in families, clans and communities (Illustration image)

Specifically, the organization researches, amends, supplements, completes and promulgates according to its competence sets of criteria for assessing models of learning families, learning families, learning communities, and learning units. suitable for lifelong learning methods in terms of digital transformation in education and training.

In addition, developing a plan to realize the Program's objectives, deploying sets of criteria in study promotion organizations and in residential areas throughout the country.

At the same time, organize training on the content and methods of implementing the set of criteria for lifelong learning model in families, clans, communities and units.

In addition, the Program also has the task of strengthening the application of information technology and digital technology in organizing lifelong learning activities and building learning models.

Specifically, research, build software to digitize and implement on a digital technology platform, collecting evidence, scoring, evaluating, synthesizing, reporting... the implementation of the Standards. to build models of “Learning Family”, “Learning Family”, “Learning Community”, “Learning Unit” according to the objectives of the Program;

Building an electronic information page on the basis of connecting and communicating with the database of library information resources, the digitalized Vietnamese knowledge system and other national databases... to help propagate, disseminating, training to improve knowledge for association staff, study promotion members and people about the tasks of study promotion, talent promotion, building learning models.

The program also sets a specific target by 2025 that 70% of families will be recognized with the title of "Study family", 65% of the family line will be recognized with the title of "Study family"; 65% of communities (villages, neighborhood groups and the like) are recognized with the title of “Learning Community”; 80% of organizations, agencies, schools, enterprises, and production facilities in the commune-level area are recognized as having achieved the title of "learning unit"...

See details in Decision 387/QD-TTg dated March 25, 2022.



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