Regulatory regulations to ensure safety of inland waterway traffic

The Ministry of Transport has issued Circular 42/2021/TT-BGTVT stipulating the regulation and control to ensure traffic safety, anti-collision and restriction of inland waterway traffic.

Instruct watercraft to go, stop, and anchor in accordance with the announced regulations on traveling through regulated and controlled areas to ensure traffic safety.

The Circular clearly stipulates 4 cases of regulation and control to ensure traffic safety, including:

1- At the locations of black points, potential points of traffic accidents in the restricted channel area. Location and criteria of black points, potential points of inland waterway traffic accidents according to regulations of the Minister of Transport.

2- When constructing works across rivers, constructing and repairing works, exploiting resources, salvaging, dredging, clearing obstacles, boarding, launching on channels, channel protection corridors, port waters, inland waterways, and anchorage areas that affect waterway traffic safety.

3- When an unexpected situation occurs with one of the unfavorable factors affecting the safety of waterway works and waterway traffic activities, including: Occurrence of waterborne traffic accident potentially causing traffic jams; there are obstacles on the channel, shallow points causing traffic obstruction; in cases of natural disaster prevention and control (dryness, storms and floods), rescue and rescue; rehearsals, sports, festivals, entertainment, vocational training internships, fairs, craft villages, activities to ensure national defense and security.

4- At the request and direction of the competent State agency.

In addition, the Circular also clearly states the content of the regulation and control to ensure traffic safety.

One of the contents of traffic safety regulation and control is regulation and control to ensure traffic safety by means of inland waterway signals. Implement and install the signaling system according to the plan approved by the competent authority to guide watercraft to travel safely. Manage and maintain the traffic control and control signaling system to ensure traffic safety according to regulations. Vehicles traveling through the regulated and controlled area to ensure traffic safety must follow the instructions of the inland waterway signaling system installed in this area.

Regulatory control ensures traffic safety by means of control station combined with inland waterway signaling. Deploy means, equipment, human resources and signaling systems according to the plan approved by competent authorities; manage and maintain the traffic safety control signaling system according to regulations; guide watercraft to go, stop and anchor in accordance with the announced traffic safety regulations on traffic control and control.

Control, prevent and handle cases of traffic vehicles violating regulations, causing traffic disorder and safety in the regulated areas; rescue cases of incidents, accidents and other risky situations that have the potential to cause unsafety occurring on the regulation area.

This Circular takes effect from March 1, 2022.

Minh Hien


Source: Cổng thông tin điện tử Chính phủ

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