Proposing to remove obstacles for employees when applying for F0 certification and dossiers of social insurance benefits

The Vietnam General Confederation of Labor has Official Letter 3725/TLD- QHLD dated March 3, 2022 reflecting the petitions of the employees about the confirmation of F0 and the dossier for enjoying social insurance benefits.

Proposing to remove obstacles for employees when applying for F0 certification and dossiers of social insurance benefits

Proposing to remove obstacles for employees when applying for a certificate of F0 and documents for social insurance benefits (Illustration image)

Accordingly, the Official Dispatch stated: In recent days, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor has received many feedbacks from union members, employees and trade unions at all levels about the fact that workers are currently "struggling." apply for a certificate of F0” and “certificate of leave of absence to enjoy social insurance”.

Specifically, when employees self-test and find out that they have COVID-19, they go to the health station of the commune or ward where they temporarily reside to declare and apply for a certificate of F0 to send to the company to apply for leave. Commune and ward medical stations were overloaded and could not be confirmed in time, causing workers to have to travel many times, causing unsafety in epidemic prevention and control.

Some places instruct workers about the medical facilities of the Industrial Park, some places instruct the Company to declare, and some places require the place of permanent residence registration (very difficult for workers). out-of-province) to carry out procedures to apply for a certificate of F0.

Failure to obtain a certificate of F0 will lead to later recovery from the disease, and it is also difficult for employees to obtain a "certificate of leave for social insurance".

In fact, there have been many cases of F0 being treated at home, now only having a "certificate of completion of the isolation period" but not yet being issued a "certificate of leave for social insurance benefits" as a basis for receiving benefits. sickness allowance in accordance with the Law on Social Insurance.

Many workers infected with COVID-19 are having to leave their jobs and have their annual leave days deducted; Some businesses do not deduct the annual leave, but directly deduct it from the employee's salary for the days off for COVID-19 treatment.

This is causing confusion and anxiety among employees and may cause bad guys and hostile forces to take advantage of inciting employees to stop working collectively or strike, causing insecurity and social order. associations in the provinces and cities with a large number of workers.

From reflections of trade unions at all levels, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, the Presidium of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor respectfully proposes to the Ministry of Health:

- Pay attention to directing and guiding the timely settlement of confirmation of employees infected with COVID-19, avoiding the case that employees have to travel many times and cause unsafety in epidemic prevention and control.

In case the competent medical facilities are overloaded, it is recommended to consider the application of information technology for employees to self-register and declare F0 cases or have solutions to strengthen the support of medical facilities. local state management agencies to have more resources for this work.

- Urgently promulgate a Circular amending and supplementing Circular 56/2017/TT-BYT   to guide the application and procedures for receiving sickness benefits to suit the actual situation of the current COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. and ensure the social insurance benefits of employees.

In case it is not possible to immediately issue the Circular amending and supplementing Circular  56/2017/TT-BYT  in early March 2022, request a document or press conference to inform and explain questions about the regime. policies for people infected with COVID-19, so that they can feel secure in treating the disease, avoiding the current situation of workers being confused and worried due to lack of information.

Official Letter 3725/TLD-QHLD was sent by the General Confederation of Labor to the Ministry of Health on March 3, 2022.


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