Principles of appointment and rotation of civil servants and civil judgment enforcement officers

The Ministry of Justice is collecting comments from the people on the draft Circular promulgating the process of appointing, re-appointing, resigning, dismissing, transferring, rotating and seconding civil servants and officials of the Enforcement System. civil judgment.

Persons proposed to appoint civil servants or civil judgment enforcement officers must declare their background, personal files, declare assets and income, and explain relevant contents.

The draft outlines the principle that the appointment, re-appointment, transfer, rotation, and secondment of civil servants and officers of the Civil Judgment Enforcement System (THADS) must ensure the centralized and unified leadership of the Personnel Committee. Party officials, leaders of the Ministry of Justice, leaders of the General Department of Civil Justice, leaders of units under and under the General Department of Civil Justice and competent Party committees at all levels.

Derived from the requirements and tasks of the Ministry of Justice, the General Department of Civil Law and the local civil enforcement agencies; based on the quality, ethics, capacity, forte of the cadres and title standards; according to master plans, plans and regulations on personnel work that have been promulgated or approved by competent authorities.

At the same time, ensure the stability, inheritance and development of the contingent of civil servants and public employees, improve the quality and operational efficiency of the Civil Defense System; ensuring the principle of democratic centralism, objectivity, publicity and transparency, and strictly complying with the authority, conditions, standards, order and procedures as prescribed by the Party and State, and regulations on decentralization of management. officials and employees of the Ministry of Justice.

In addition, the draft also clearly states the authority and responsibility for appointment, re-appointment, transfer, rotation and secondment.

Accordingly, the authority to appoint, re-appoint, transfer, rotate, and seconded civil servants and public employees of the Civil Defense System shall comply with regulations on decentralization of management of civil servants and public employees of the Minister. Justice.

The head, members of the committee, and the unit leader are responsible for proposing personnel and commenting and evaluating the proposed personnel; collective committees, collective leaders of the unit discuss, comment, evaluate, decide or request competent authorities to consider and decide.

The individual or collective proposing the appointment must take responsibility before the competent authority for his/her suggestions, comments and evaluations on moral qualities, lifestyle, working capacity, advantages and disadvantages of employees. nomination proposal.

The unit advising on personnel organization and related units is responsible for the results of the appraisal and recommendation of personnel according to its functions, tasks and powers.

The leadership collective, the head of the appointment decision is responsible for his/her decision; leading and directing the inspection, supervision and handling of violations on personnel work.

The person proposed or considered for appointment must be responsible for the declaration of background, personal file, declaration of assets, income, explanation of relevant contents.

In case the head of an agency, unit and the leading collective have different opinions on the appointment, re-appointment, transfer, rotation, secondment of leading civil servants and public employees, a full report must be made. enough to direct superior to consider and decide. In case the leadership team introduces 2 personnel with the same number of votes (50%), then select the personnel introduced by the head or submitted to the competent authority for consideration and decision.

Minh Hien

Source: Cổng thông tin điện tử Chính phủ

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