Pilot restoration of regular international flights in Vietnam from Jan 01, 2022

Belows are the point which the Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam - Pham Binh Minh concluded in Notice 334/TB-VPCP dated December 10, 2021 on the plan of restoring regular international flights.

Pilot restoration of regular international flights in Vietnam

The Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam approved the plan of restoring regular international flights with high safety factors.

In the meantime, the pilot will restore international flights to/from Beijing, Guangzhou (China), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea), Taipei (Taiwan-China), and Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore, Vientiane (Laos), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), San Francisco/Los Angeles (USA), based on the Ministry of Health's guidance on preventive health measures for people entering the country, ensure safety, efficiency and transparency.

The pilot period starts on January 1, 2022 in Vietnam.

The Ministry of Health needs to urgently issue medical guidelines for people entering the country on regular international commercial flights and consult with experts, businesses, and people (no later than December 10, 2021).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to be in charge and coordinate with the Ministry of Health in order to reach an agreement with other countries and territories on mutual recognition of "vaccine passports", prioritizing the implementation areas in the pilot period.

The Ministries of Health, Public Security, Information, and Communications immediately agreed and published a medical declaration software that is generally applicable to air travel to facilitate the declaration of passengers, activities of aviation enterprises, as well as medical monitoring, control, and tracing of people on entry.

The Ministry of Transport shall direct and guide aviation enterprises to restore regular international flights according to the approved plan; promptly summarize the assessment and recommend adjustments in accordance with the actual situation.

Notice 334/TB-VPCP was issued on December 10, 2021.

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