Number of key information technology products to be added from 02/02/2022 in Vietnam

The Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam promulgated Circular19/2021/TT-BTTTT on the List of key information technology products.

Adding a number of key information technology products from 02/02/2022

The Circular introduces the list of key information technology products in Vietnam as follows:

No. Products/Product lines
1 5G and next-generation telecommunications equipment and software.
2 IoT platform equipment and software.
3 4G and next-generation smart phones.
4 Educational computers
5 Smart cameras, AI cameras and software for analysis, processing and management of data obtained from cameras
6 Integrated circuit (IC) products needed for telecommunications, IT and IoT systems.
7 Optical fibers, optical cables and transmission and connection devices needed for the optical communication systems
8 Electronic identification and authentication platform equipment and software.
9 Equipment and software needed for cloud computing systems
10 Platform software used for development of products applying artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis (Big Data).
11 Software products applying blockchain technology.
12 Digital platform software needed for 08 industries and sectors that are given digital transformation priority which are specified in the National Digital Transformation Program; serve a large number of users; and create positive impacts to accelerate the digital transformation process.
13 Platform software for data integration and sharing.
14 Electronic public service and single-window portal software.
15 Operations control and document management software.
16 Cybersecurity products: terminal device security products; network layer security products; application layer security products; data security products

(Currently, Circular 01/2017/TT-BTTTT stipulates 07 products on the list of key information technology products).

Thus, according to the new regulations, from February 2, 2022, many products have been added to the list of key information technology products.

Note: Projects for investment in production of key information technology products in Vietnam prescribed in the Circular 01/2017/TT-BTTTT that already have access to incentive and preferential treatment policies prior before February 2, 2022 shall continue to enjoy incentive and preferential treatment policies for investment in research, development and production of these products until the end of the validity period of these policies prescribed by law.

Bao Ngoc


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