New opportunities for unskilled workers to work in Singapore

From now until August, Singapore will pilot Vietnamese workers to work in the country in the construction, shipping and processing industries.

Singapore's Ministry of Manpower has piloted accepting Vietnamese workers in the construction, shipping and processing industries

The Department of Overseas Labor Management (MOLISA) said that from now until August, Singapore's Ministry of Manpower will pilot the acceptance of Vietnamese laborers working in Singapore in the construction, marine and processing industries under the form of a pilot. Work Permit visa form (work permit).

Previously, Singapore only issued visas for Vietnamese workers to work in this country in the form of Employment Pass (work visa program for foreign experts with specialized skills) and S Pass (for foreign workers). skilled).

In addition, the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore also announced that labor recruitment companies that have been granted a valid license by this Ministry are allowed to conduct labor recruitment activities.

Contracts to send Vietnamese workers to Singapore to work in the construction industry must comply with the laws of Vietnam and Singapore. In which, the maximum working time is 8 hours/day, 44 hours/week, excluding time for eating and resting.

Employees are entitled to at least 1 day off/week and paid leave on public holidays. At the same time, employees are entitled to an annual leave with salary payment of 7 days for 12 consecutive months of work and an increase of 1 day of leave for every 12 consecutive months of work, but the total does not exceed 14 days/year.

Regarding overtime pay, on weekdays, employees are paid an overtime salary equal to 1.5 times the salary for the specified hour. With rest days, if the employer requires the employee to work on the day off, the employee is entitled to an overtime salary equal to 2 times the salary for the specified hour.

In case the employee actively requests to work on a holiday and the employer agrees, the employee is paid a salary equal to the wage rate for the specified hour.

During public holidays, employees are entitled to an overtime wage equal to twice the salary for the specified hour.

Employers must pay health insurance for employees with a minimum of 15,000 SGD/year. The employer may require the employee to co-pay for health insurance provided that the amount required for the employee's co-payment does not exceed 10% of the employee's monthly salary.

In addition, the time limit for asking employees to pay co-payments must not exceed 6 months. The co-payment of insurance is clearly stated in the labor contract or collective bargaining agreement and agreed to by the employee.

Regarding the basic salary and fixed allowance, according to information from the Vietnamese Embassy in Singapore, the average salary (including basic salary and fixed allowance) of Vietnamese workers in the construction industry under the pilot program Points are currently paid equivalent to Thai workers is 768-840 SGD/month. The workers are provided with free accommodation.

Thu Cuc


Source: Cổng thông tin điện tử Chính phủ

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