Disease diagnosis and preventive methods

Decision No 1202/QD-BYT prescribing the diagnosis of pulse sculpture and preventive measures.

Pregnancy test

According to section 3 of the guidance annexed to the Decision No. 1202/QD-BYT in 2022 of the Ministry of Health, there is the following guidelines for the diagnosis of syphilis:

- Suspicious:

+ The history: The patients have the history of eating meat and pork without cooking.

+ Clinical symptoms: one of the above-mentioned clinical symptoms.

- With regard to confirmed disease:

This is the case suspected of being infected with one of the following tests:

+ Fertilizer test: Setting hatch for the wire or wire;

+ Test by employing fresh screening method for determining that induction incineration is felt.

- Distinguishing diagnosis:

+ Fumigation due to other causes.

Thus, for diagnosis of stripe disease, we are based on the patients have eat of beef, pigs which are not cooked or not and therefore are to determine whether or not the patients have clinical signs mentioned above.

After the diagnosis of disease is confirmed, the patient shall perform the analysis and testing by the fresh scanning method to determine whether the string is burnt.

Disease diagnosis and preventive methods

Disease diagnosis and preventive methods

Criteria for being treated as cholera

According to section 5 of the Guidelines enclosed with the Decision No. 1202/QD-BYT in 2022 of the Ministry of Health prescribing the standards for capsule disease discharge as follows:


- After one month of treatment: Soi feces no longer exist, sparse condenser or no longer sees the burning according to subdivision or self-bred cows along the patch.

- If after 1 month of medical test, the egg is still fed or the cap is burnt repeated for 02 times with the above dose."

Accordingly, in order to determine whether the patient is diseased or not, the patient shall be scanned to see whether there is a string egg or a string combustion or not after 01 month of medical treatment. If feces of patients remain in haemolytic eggs, they will be treated again.

Disease prevention

According to section 6 of the Guidelines enclosed with the Decision No. 1202/QD-BYT in 2022 of the Ministry of Health, the guidance on the prevention of cancer is provided for as follows:

"6. 2.

- Health propagation and education: To propagate to the people the harms and transmission routes of the stripe disease and larvae of pig cholera in order to take initiative in preventing and combating diseases.

- Disease prevention: personal hygiene, non-eating of beef/recycled pigs or non-cooked; cooked food, cooked drinks and raw vegetables must be washed under water taps.

- To manage and rationally treat the sources of fresh food, avoiding germs to the environment.

- Detecting and reducing adult early in case of infection, especially infection of Taenia solium mosquito larvae, in order to prevent infection of larvae larvae, in accordance with the self-infected mechanism."

Accordingly, health education should be intensified among the community. Narrowing and cleaning the surrounding environment and cleaning for true patients Sucking, boiling and cooking without pork and cooked beef.




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