Covering 100% of people from poor and near-poor households participating in health insurance in Vietnam

Hello, I am a member of a near-poor household in Vinh Phuc province. I heard that in the near future, 100% of people from near-poor households and poor households will have access to health insurance. Is this correct? Please answer

Covering 100% of health insurance for the poor households and the households near the poverty line from now to 2025?

According to Article 2 of Decision No. 546/QD-TTg dated 2022, health insurance coverage targets for the period 2022-2025 are regulated as follows:

- Based on the criteria assigned in Article 1 of this Decision, request the People's Council at the same level to adopt the all-people health insurance targets in the annual and five-year socio-economic development targets of the localities and take responsibility before the Prime Minister for the implementation of the health insurance coverage targets in the localities.

- To direct concerned provincial/municipal Services, departments and branches in working out plans and solutions for implementation so as to attain the assigned targets. To regularly exchange and provide information on employees and salaries of enterprises based in their localities in order to review, compare and handle the state of evasion of payment of social insurance and health insurance premiums.

- Request the People's Council to allocate local government budget and mobilize every resource to provide more supports for the people to participate in health insurance as follows:

+ Focus on supporting members of nearly poor households and multidimensional poor households that do not fall within the case prescribed in Point a Clause 9 Article 3 of the Government's Decree No. 146/2018/ND-CP dated October 17, 2018, as well as providing instructions on implementation of certain articles of the Law on Health Insurance, ensuring that these people will participate in health insurance; and

+ Support for agricultural, forestry, fishery and salt-making households with average living standards; pupils and students in order to increase the rate of health insurance participation for these groups;

+ Support other entities in the administrative divisions under their management.

- To intensify the dissemination and popularization of health insurance policies and law, inspection, examination and handling of violations of the law on health insurance in the locality. Direct the implementation of health insurance development targets of People's Committees of districts and communes.

- Evaluate and review difficulties and shortcomings arising during the implementation of the Decision No. 861/QD-TTg dated June 04, 2021 of the Prime Minister for submission to the Ministry of Health so as to send a consolidated report and proposal to the Prime Minister to seek any proper support for those who live in Regions II and III and are moved to Region I.

- To form and strengthen provincial-level steering committees for development of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance participants in their localities, and act as chairpersons of provincial-level People's Committees as heads.

- Annually, conduct preliminary review and assessment of the achievement of health insurance coverage in local areas and report the implementation result to the Ministry of Health and Vietnam Social Security for compilation and reporting to the Prime Minister.

Covering 100% of people from poor and near-poor households participating in health insurance in Vietnam

Are the Viet Nam Social Security fulfilled the goal of health insurance coverage?

According to Article 2 of Decision No. 546/QD-TTg in 2022, the Vietnam Social Insurance has the following tasks:

- Take responsibility to the Government and the Prime Minister for the expansion of health insurance coverage; organize the implementation and development of health insurance participants.

- To take the initiative in advising and proposing to the Government, ministries and branches solutions, mechanisms and policies to develop health insurance participants, health insurance premiums and organize the implementation thereof.

- Stepping up communication activities, renewing forms and contents of propaganda in various forms so that Party committees, administrations, agencies, mass organizations and all people can firmly grasp the significance and importance of health insurance and the obligations of each participant in health insurance.

- Implementing the system of service organizations as social insurance and health insurance agents in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Health Insurance, reform of administrative procedures, create the most favorable conditions for the people to participate in health insurance.

- Inspect the compliance with regulations of the law on health insurance in terms of payment of health insurance at employers, promptly take actions against violations as prescribed by law.

- Direct, supervise, inspect and urge social insurance in provinces and centrally run cities to organize the implementation of solutions to develop the insured; expand the coverage of health insurance.

- On a periodic basis of every 06 months, carry out the preliminary review and evaluation and timely report on the results of implementation of all-people health insurance to competent authorities; on December 31 annually, send the report on the results of implementation of this Decision to the Ministry of Health for its final review and report to the Prime Minister.

The rate of health insurance coverage for poor households and near-poor households will reach 100%.

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