Vietnam: 04 New Points in the draft Regulation on University Enrollment in 2022

The Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam is collecting consultation on the draft Circular promulgating the Regulation on university enrollment; College enrollment in Early Childhood Education. Below are four notable new points.

Vietnam: 04 New Points in the draft Regulation on University Enrollment in 2022 (Artwork)

1. Exam and admission registration online

According to the draft regulation, in 2022, candidates will register for the first round of formal university through the Admissions Portal of the Ministry of Education and Training or the National Public Service Portal of Vietnam according to the general plan and guidance of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam.

(In previous years, candidates applied for university entrance examinations through 02 methods: face-to-face and online)

2. Change the time to apply for university admission

Draft regulation: The Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam shall support the organization of registration for university admissions for the first round of formal training for all enrollment methods of educational institutions.

The registration period shall begin after the high school graduation exam and ends after the exam results and high school graduation consideration.

(In previous years, candidates applied for university entrance examinations at the same time as applying for graduation exams and adjusted after knowing their test scores).

3. Priority points are applied in the year that the candidates graduate in Vietnam.

According to the draft, the priority points remain the same as last year:

- Area 1: 0.75 points;

- Rural area 2: 0.5 points;

- Area 2: 0.25 points.

However, Clause 1, Article 7 of the Regulation promulgated together with the draft Circular clearly stipulates that priority points by enrollment area are only applied to the year candidates graduate from high school (or intermediate).

This is a new point compared to every year. Every year, candidates only need to take the university exam (even though they have graduated from previous years). Even if they retake the exam, they will still receive priority points according to the region as above. But it is expected that, in 2022, only priority points will be added to candidates graduating in 2022, and candidates who re-apply for university admission will not receive regional priority points.

4. Directly admitted candidates are confirmed for early admission in Vietnam.

In Clause 3, Article 17 of the Draft, supplementing regulations on early admission for candidates who are directly admitted as follows:

- Directly admitted candidates can confirm admission early (when eligible), or follow the general plan like other candidates; Training institutions may not require candidates to confirm admission earlier than the generally planned schedule.

- Directly admitted candidates who have not yet confirmed their admission can still use the right to apply for admission on the general system to have more chances of being admitted like other candidates.

This is a new regulation proposed in the draft Regulation on university enrollment in 2022. Currently, Circular 09/2020/TT-BGDĐT (amended by Circular 16/2021/TT-BGDĐT) does not make a decision on this issue.

Draft Circular

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