Amendments to laws related to anti-corruption in Vietnam

The Politburo of Vietnam's conclusion on continuing to strengthen the party's leadership in the fight against corruption and negativity was issued together with Dispatch 1949-CV/BNCTW on April 12, 2022.

Amendments to laws related to anti-corruption in Vietnam (Illustration)

According to the Official Dispatch in Vietnam, in order to continue to promote, resolutely and persistently fight to prevent and repel corruption and negativity, the Politburo requires all Party committees and organizations, especially the head, to focus on well implementing a following key tasks:

- Amend and supplement Vietnam's Land Law, Law on Anti-Corruption, Law on Thrift Practice and Waste Prevention, Law on Inspection, Law on Democratic Practice in Communes, Wards, and Townships, Law on Citizen Reception, and other legal projects directly related to the prevention and combat of corruption, waste, and negativity.

- Urgently review, supplement, and perfect the institutions to prevent corruption, waste, and negativity, especially the power control mechanisms in the fields and activities prone to corruption and negativity; head responsibility, accountability, ensuring democracy, publicity, and transparency; regulations and sanctions for handling party organizations, cadres, party members, officials and public employees who have degraded in political ideology, morality, and lifestyle; mechanisms to protect and encourage people to reflect and denounce corrupt and negative officials and party members; mechanism to effectively control assets and income of people with positions and powers, first of all, leading and managerial cadres;

- Promote the application of information technology in management;

- Implement non-cash payment mode;

- Urgently review and overcome loopholes and inadequacies in legal documents related to bidding, auction, management and use of land, public property, finance, and security;

- Strengthen the work of inspection, supervision, inspection and audit; step up investigation, prosecution, trial, judgment enforcement, timely and strictly detect and handle corruption and negative cases and cases.

- Focus on inspecting, supervising, and auditing in areas and working positions prone to corruption, wastefulness, and negativity, where there are many denunciations, complaints, and public opinion. concerned, angry.

- Strictly implement the coordination mechanism to detect and handle violations in the process of examination, inspection, audit, investigation, prosecution, trial, and judgment enforcement.

- Direct to speed up the investigation and final handling of serious and complicated corruption and negative cases, which are concerned by public opinion, especially cases and cases falling under the Steering Committee on anti-corruption and negativity; and thoroughly recover the assets that arise from corruption in Vietnam.

- Continue to promote and create more obvious changes in detecting and dealing with corruption at local and grassroots levels; strictly handle cases of harassment, extortion, and trouble for people, businesses, etc.

See details in Official Dispatch 1949-CV/BNCTW dated 12/4/2022.

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