There are strong enough sanctions to handle the case of winning the land auction and then dropping the deposit

In Resolution 499/NQ-UBTVQH15 dated March 28, 2022 on questioning activities at the 9th session of the Standing Committee of the XV National Assembly, the National Assembly Standing Committee requested that there be strong enough sanctions to handle the school. winning the land auction and then dropping the deposit.

There are strong enough sanctions to handle the case of winning the land auction and then dropping the deposit

There are strong enough sanctions to handle the case of winning the land auction and then dropping the stake (Artwork)

Specifically, the National Assembly Standing Committee asked the Government, Prime Minister, ministers and heads of ministerial-level agencies to focus on implementing a number of key tasks and solutions, creating drastic changes in the management of the country. State management in the field of natural resources and environment as follows:

- Continue to well implement the resolutions of the National Assembly in the field of natural resources and environment.

Focus on developing and completing documents to submit to the National Assembly the draft Land Law (amended), Law on Real Estate Business (amended) and related laws, ensuring political grounds and being suitable with reality. To unify in adjusting the relations of land, properties attached to land, land use right transactions, regulations on contracts when buying and selling, transferring, promising to buy, promise to sell about land, management strictly manage and effectively use land resources.

Completing policies on regulation of land revenues, regulations on land acquisition, compensation and support for resettlement.

Coordinate with relevant ministries and branches to urgently review and propose amendments and supplements to the Law on Property Auction and relevant legal documents; especially the regulations related to the auction of land use rights, the conditions for participating in the auction, the determination of the starting price, the rate of deposit, the deposit when participating in the auction, the deadline for paying the winning money. price, the handling when the auction shows signs of abnormality; have strong enough sanctions to prevent and handle cases of winning bids or winning auctions but failing to fulfill or not fully performing commitments .

Strengthen supervision, inspection, examination, audit, investigation, and strictly handle violations in accordance with law.

- Strictly manage and effectively use the land use targets approved by the National Assembly and allocated by the Prime Minister to each locality, ensuring national food security and forest cover rate. and meet the requirements of fast and sustainable development of the country.

The selection of industrial park infrastructure investors must be associated with implementation capacity.

To resolutely recover land from incompetent infrastructure investors, to delay progress in order to effectively use industrial park land to create a healthy investment environment.

Urgently complete the provincial planning and district-level land use planning for the 2021-2030 period (in which, attention should be paid to reviewing and allocating residential land targets that must be consistent with land use needs associated with housing construction. , avoid wasting land, waste social resources investing in land), provincial land use plan, defense land use plan, five-year security land use plan 2021-2025 by December 31 2022.

Publicity and transparency of land use planning information.

Strengthening assignment and decentralization along with inspection and control, strengthening discipline and discipline in the state management of land, especially in the stage of planning, land use plan, allocation of targets. use land, do not allow corruption, negativity, group interests.

Supervising, inspecting, examining, auditing, investigating and strictly handling the waste of land, allocated or leased land but slow to put it into use, acts of intentionally polluting or damaging land, land degradation; adopt policies to support people to recover fallow land and degraded land due to the influence of production process.

Completing the database information system on land.

- Implement well the Law on Environmental Protection in 2020 , adopt policies to encourage the use of green technology, limit discharge to the environment, and strictly control wastewater, emissions and industrial solid waste sources. , improving the efficiency of state management of environmental protection, approving the National Environmental Protection Master Plan in 2022...

For details, see Resolution 499/NQ-UBTVQH15 , effective from March 28, 2022.



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