Regulations on the minimum wage in Vietnam

Minimum wage in Vietnam is an issue that always receives the attention of both employees and employers. The following are some regulations on the minimum wage in the Labor Code.

Regulations on the minimum wage in Vietnam

Accordingly, the content of the minimum wage is specified in Article 91 of the Labor Code of Vietnam:

- Minimum wage is the lowest salary paid to employees who do the simplest jobs in normal working conditions in order to ensure a minimum standard of living for employees and their families, in accordance with working conditions. social economic development.

- Minimum wages are set by region, set by month and hour.

- Minimum wages are adjusted based on the minimum standard of living of workers and their families; the correlation between the minimum wage and the market wage; consumer price index, economic growth rate; labor supply and demand relationships; employment and unemployment; labor productivity; the company's ability to pay.

- The Government shall detail the above contents; decide and announce the minimum wage on the basis of recommendations of the National Wage Council.

Currently, the Government of Vietnam has only issued a Decree on the monthly regional minimum wage (Decree No. 90/2019/ND-CP) but there is no fixed hourly minimum wage.

However, recently in the draft decree on regional minimum wage 2022, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs has proposed a minimum hourly wage. Specifically, the proposed minimum hourly wage according to 4 regions in Vietnam is as follows:

- Region I is 22,500 VND/hour;

- Region II is 20,000 VND/hour;

- Region III is 17,500 VND/hour;

- Region IV is 15,600 VND/hour.

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