05 new policies on labor and salary effective from April 2022

Increasing overtime in the month, adjusting salary tables of market managers, regimes for severing defense officers, supporting vocational training in tourism, etc. are new policies that have come into force. in operation from April 2022.

05 new policies on labor and salary effective from April 2022

05 new policies on labor and salary effective from April 2022 (Artwork)

1. Increase overtime in the month to 60 hours/month

Effective from April 1, 2022, Resolution 17/2022/UBTVQH15 stipulates the number of overtime hours worked in a year and a month of employees in the context of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control and recovery. Socio-economic development as follows:

In case the employer is allowed to use the employee to work overtime for a maximum of 300 hours in a year, upon demand and with the employee's consent, the employer may use the employee to work overtime for more than 40 hours but not more than 60 hours. hours in 1 month.

Thus, the new regulation has increased overtime in the month from 40 to 60 hours/month.

2. Adjustment of salary table of market managers

Circular 02/2022/TT-BCT , effective from April 1, 2022, specifically guides the salary arrangement for the ranks of market management civil servants as follows:

- The rank of Senior Market Controller (code 21,187) applies the salary scale of civil servants grade A3, group 1 (A3.1), from salary coefficient 6.20 to salary coefficient 8.00;

- The rank of Chief Market Controller (code 21,188) applies the salary table of civil servants grade A2, group 1 (A2.1), from salary coefficient 4.40 to salary coefficient 6.78;

- The rank of Market Controller (code 21.189) applies the Al-class civil servant salary table, from the salary coefficient 2.34 to the salary coefficient 4.98;

- The rank of intermediate market controller (code 21,190) applies the salary scale of the civil servant grade A0, from the salary coefficient 2.10 to the salary coefficient 4.89.

Currently, the base salary applied under Decree 38/2019/ND-CP is 1.49 million VND/month.

Therefore, the salary of market managers will range from 3,129 to 11.92 million VND/month.

3. Support for tourism vocational training

Effective from April 9, 2022, Circular 12/2022/TT-BTC stipulates to support tourism businesses and organizations with part of the funding for training, retraining and improving vocational skills for employees. Tourism workers are as follows:

- For participants of vocational training courses up to 03 months: The support level is calculated according to the tuition fee rate of the vocational training institution and the actual duration of vocational training but not exceeding VND 4,500,000/person/course. training ;

- For participants of vocational training courses of more than 3 months: The level of support is calculated on a monthly basis, the tuition fee rate and the actual duration of vocational training, but not exceeding VND 1,500,000/person/month and the duration of support. not more than 06 months ;

In case the employee participating in the vocational training course has odd days that are not full months as prescribed by the vocational training institution, the odd number of days shall be calculated according to the following principle: From 14 days or less is counted as 1/2 month and from 15 days or more is counted as 01 month.

4. Remuneration for defense officers

From April 15, 2022, regimes and policies for employees and national defense officers who quit their jobs shall comply with  Decree 19/2022/ND-CP , specifically as follows:

(1) To enjoy social insurance and other benefits (if any) in accordance with current law.

(2) To be entitled to a one-time allowance, for each working year, workers and employees shall be entitled to an allowance equal to 01 month's salary of the month preceding their termination of work, and employees and employees shall be managed by agencies, units and enterprises under the Ministry of National Defense for each working year. defense position before resigning to pay.

(3) In case a defense worker or public employee has quit his job and returned to the locality within no more than 01 year from the effective date of the decision on resignation, the following regimes shall be applied:

- If they are recruited to work at agencies and organizations receiving salaries from the state budget: They are entitled to the regime of changing industries; reimbursement of the lump-sum allowance and lump-sum social insurance allowance (received).

- If recruited to work at enterprises or units that do not receive salary from the state budget but wish to reserve the time of payment of social insurance: Refund the one-time social insurance allowance (received).

5. Appointment, salary arrangement of lecturers only need 01 certificate of training CDNN

Effective from April 19, 2022, Circular 04/2022/TT-BGDĐT stipulates that each lecturer only needs 1 certificate of training for professional titles to be appointed and ranked.

Specifically, the regulations allow all 3 classes of lecturers to have the same condition "have a certificate of training according to the professional title of lecturer", in which:

- For lecturers who teach at public pedagogical colleges, the same conditions are met: a certificate of training according to the professional title standards of a teacher of a pedagogical college.

- For lecturers who teach at public higher education institutions, the same conditions are met: a certificate of training according to the professional title standards of university lecturers.

(Compared to the current one, the requirement to have a training certificate is removed according to the professional title standards of lecturers for each class)



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