What is Street Civil Guard? Conditions and criteria of the Street Civil Guard members in Vietnam

What is Street Civil Guard? What are the conditions and criteria of the Street Civil Guard members in Vietnam? - Hoang Minh (Khanh Hoa, Vietnam)

1. What is Street Civil Guard?

According to Article 2 of Decree 38/2006/ND-CP, the Street Civil Guard constitutes a voluntary mass force acting as the core in the movement for protection of national security and social order and safety, which is established at wards, district townships (hereinafter referred collectively to as wards) under decisions of ward People's Committees at places where regular public security forces are deployed.

The Street Civil Guard shall act as the core in launching mass movements for protection of national security; apply a number of working measures to prevent and fight crimes, social vices and other law-breaking acts under the provisions of law, in order to protect the Party, administration, the interests of the State, the legitimate rights and interests of citizens in localities.

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2. Conditions and criteria of the Street Civil Guard members in Vietnam

Conditions and criteria of the Street Civil Guard members specified in Article 8 of Decree 38/2006/ND-CP are as follows:

- Being Vietnamese citizens aged full 18 years or older, permanently residing in localities.

Having clear backgrounds; they and their families are exemplary in observing the undertakings and policies of the Party, laws of the State.

- Having good health, conditions and zeal and voluntarily participating in social activities; being knowledgeable about laws and being professionally trained in security and order protection.

- Having no previous convictions or criminal records; being other than persons serving suspended sentence, criminal probation or serving other administratively handling measures.

- Having good relations with people, being trusted by people, recommended and elected by people in their respective population groups.

3. Tasks and powers of Street Civil Guard in Vietnam

3.1 Tasks of the Street Civil Guard

Pursuant to Article 5 of Decree 38/2006/ND-CP, the tasks of the Street Civil Guard include:

- To grasp the security and order situation, detect cases of contradictions or disputes among people, cases of administrative violations, social order and safety breaches in localities; report such to police offices and ward People's Committees, take preventive measures; to participate in reconciliation and timely solution thereof without letting bad consequences to occur.

- To disseminate and propagate the heightening of the sense of vigilance against, and prevention of, social vices and acts of violating law on security and order with a view to mobilizing people in wards to voluntarily abide by the undertakings and policies of the Party, laws of the State as well as rules, conventions and regulations on security and order protection; to participate in building wards, population groups, households safe in terms of security and order and free from crimes and social evils.

- To urge and call the attention of people in wards to observe legal provisions on registration and management of inhabitants and households; on the use and management of people's identity cards and other personal papers; the regulations on registration of conditional business lines related to security and order; the management of weapons and explosives, support tools; to participate in the maintenance of public order, traffic order and safety, fire prevention and fighting safety.

- To mobilize people to participate in reforming, educating, assisting and managing persons who have completely serving their imprisonment penalties or decisions on sending them to reformatories, education camps, medical treatment establishments or detoxication centers, juvenile delinquents and persons who are serving the penalty of non-custodial reform. To coordinate with agencies or organizations assigned the responsibility to manage, educate and assist subjects being placed under management and education in localities. To mobilize and persuade relatives of subjects who are being hunted for, shirk serving their sentences or criminals being at large to ask the latter to give themselves up.

- Upon occurrence of complicated cases related to security or order in localities, to be present at the scenes in time and seek ways to notify the ward police offices thereof; to protect the scenes, participate in giving first-aids to victims, releasing and saving hostages, arresting red-handed offenders, participate in fire fighting, rescue and perform other tasks under the assignment and guidance of the ward People's Committees and police offices.

- To coordinate with civil defense forces and specialized security forces of agencies, units, enterprises stationing in localities in protecting security and order under the direction of the ward People's Committees and police offices. To organize patrols and participate in activities of preventing, detecting and fighting crimes, social vices and other violations of social order and security under the provisions of law.

3.2 Powers of the Street Civil Guard in Vietnam

Protection of street population has the powers specified in Article 6 of Decree 38/2006/ND-CP, including:

- To arrest, dispossess dangerous weapons of, and escort red-handed offenders, persons who are being hunted for or shirk serving their imprisonment sentences to ward police offices according to provisions of law.

- To request persons who are committing acts of disturbing the public order, construction order, traffic safety and order or violations of the regulation on fire and explosion safety and persons who violate other regulations on social order and safety to immediately stop their violation acts and report thereon to the ward People's Committees and police offices for handling measures under the provisions of law.

- To join the police forces or functional forces in pursuing and arresting offenders, persons who are being hunted for or shirk serving their sentences; to examine temporary residence, temporary absence; check people's identity cards or other personal papers of temporary residents, suspects arriving in street areas under management.

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