What is press? Conditions for issue of press operation permit in Vietnam

What is press? What are the conditions for issue of press operation permit in Vietnam? - Thu Hoai (Hoa Binh, Vietnam)

What is press? Conditions for issue of press operation permit in Vietnam (Source: internet)

1. What is press?

According to Clause 1, Article 3 of the Press Law 2016, ress is the information product on the events and problems in social life that are expressed in words, images, sounds, are created and periodically published, released and transmitted to the general public through the type of the printed newspaper, talking newspaper, photo newspaper and online newspaper.

2. Functions, duties and power of press in Vietnam

- The press in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the essential media for social life; is the mouthpiece of the Party and State agencies, the social – political organizations, the social – political – occupation, the social organizations, the social – occupational organizations and is the people's forum.

- The press has the following duties and power:

= Provides the truthful information about the situation of the country and the world in line with the interests of the country and people;

= Propagandizes, disseminates and contributes to the building and protection of guidelines of the Party and the policy and law of the State, achievement of the country and the world according to principles and purposes of press agencies; contributes to the political stability, social – economic development, raises the cultural standards and meets the needs of a healthy culture of people; protects and promotes the fine traditions of the nation, builds and promotes the socialist democracy; strengthens the bloc of great national unity and build and protect the Socialist Vietnam Fatherland;

= Reflects and guides the social opinions and is the forum to exercise the people’s right to freedom of speech;

= Detects and sets examples of good people and good deeds, new factors, advanced models; struggle, prevent and fight against the law violation and the negative phenomena in society;

= Contributes to maintaining the purity and development of Vietnamese language and languages of ethnic minorities of Vietnam;

= Expands the mutual understanding between the countries and the peoples, participates in the career of the world people for peace, national independence, friendship, cooperation, sustainable development.

(Article 4 of the Press Law 2016)

3. Subjects permitted to establish the press agency in Vietnam

The subjects eligible for the establishment of a press agency are specified in Article 14 of the Press Law 2016 including:

- The Party agencies, state agencies, social – political organizations, the social – political – occupation, the social organizations, the social – occupational organizations, religious organizations from provincial level or the equivalent or higher level operating legally in accordance with the regulations of Vietnam are permitted to establish the press agencies.

- The university education organizations in line with regulations of the Law on university education, the scientific research and technological development organizations organized in the form of academy or institute in accordance with the provisions of the Law on science and technology; provincial-level hospitals or the equivalent or higher level are permitted to establish the scientific magazines.

4. Conditions for issue of press operation permit in Vietnam

- Determining the line agency; subjects to be served, program, time, amount of time, mode of transmission or broadcasting (for talking newspaper and photo newspaper); domain name, place of server and connection service provider (for electronic newspaper).

- Having the plan for organization and personnel to ensure the activities of the press agency; have the qualified personnel specified in Clause 2, Article 23 of Press Law 2016 to assume the position of head of press agency.

- Having the name and form of presentation of name of press agency, name and form of presentation of name of journalistic publications; name andsymbol of radio channel and television channel; name and form of form of presentation of special column of online newspapers.

- Having the head office and conditions of material facilities, financial plan, technical solutions to guarantee the safety and security of information. For the online newspapers, there must be at least one registered domain name “vn” in line with the name of newspaper and use of server system placed in Vietnam. For talking newspapers and photo newspapers, there must be plans to lease or use the transmission and broadcasting infrastructure.

- Conform to the planning for developing a network of press agencies, broadcasting and electronic information establishments and publishers that is approved by the Prime Minister of Vietnam.

(Article 17 of the Press Law 2016, amended by the Law on Amendments to some articles concerning planning of 37 laws 2018)

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